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Derrick Lowe: An Appreciation– Cecil County Circuit Court Clerk, Gentleman, Dies

August 5, 2015

AN APPRECIATION Derrick Lowe, the two-term elected Clerk of the Cecil County Circuit Court, died suddenly Wednesday, leaving the county in shock and mourning for a dedicated, knowledgeable public official who loved his job and Cecil County. Lowe had just visited the Cecil County fair and was excited about participating in a 4-H club...
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Cecil (Politics) Chatter: Secret PAC $ Pursued by State; Moore Returns to GOP Fold; Early Filers in Local Contests

December 9, 2013

State Threatens Criminal Case against PAC that Paid for other PAC’s Anti-Baynes Flyer Even more than a year after the last election, one of the deepest secrets of the local campaign season—who really paid for a vicious attack flyer against Cecil County Judge Keith Baynes—is still a secret. But the State Board of Elections...
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Republicans Sweep Cecil County Elections; Charter Govt. Wins Big

November 3, 2010

Cecil County voters swept Republicans into office in most major local contests Tuesday, turning the five-member Board of Commissioners into an all-GOP panel for the first time while ousting the longtime Democratic Clerk of the Circuit Court and the Democratic State’s Attorney. But, in one of the ultimate ironies of Tuesday’s balloting, voters overwhelmingly...
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