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EDITOR’S NOTE: We are debuting a new feature on Cecil Times, called “Cecil Chatter,” that will be a roundup of tidbits from here and there and observations on things of interest, or amusement, for the Upper Eastern Shore. Got a tip on something quirky, juicy, just plain funny or exasperating? Drop us a line at and give us some “chatter.” We’ll compile a links page, off the homepage, under “Cecil Chatter.”

CECIL (POLITICS) CHATTER: Tilghman TV Ads; PAC Still Hides Source of $ Used to Attack Judge


CECIL CHATTER: Elections Board Polling Place Snafu; Cecil Business Leaders PAC Boosts $

Cecil Chatter: Lights, Camera, Campaign (Broomell Mouths Off); New Pet Disaster Rescue Trailer; Vino Veritas

Cecil (Political) Chatter: State Probes Secret PAC $; Moore Returns to GOP Fold as Smigiel Fumes at Bid to Collect $40K in Legal Bills; Incumbents File Early for 2014

CECIL CHATTER: 2002 Commissioners’ Decision Yields $ Windfall to County, Paves Way for New $– Thanks, Nelson and Harry
CECIL CHATTER: New Year: New Voices for Democrats in 1st District; New Shopping and Economic Development in Cecilton
CECIL CHATTER: Hold the Phone– Bailey Dials 911, Broomell Tries 411, Whig Adds ‘O Canada’ to Ringtones
CECIL CHATTER: “Mad Men,” MAD Mike, and McGrady’s “McDunn”

CECIL CHATTER: State Flunks “Integrity” Test; Smigiel Abstains on Judicial Pay Raise Vote

CECIL CHATTER: Cyber Name Games Hit Broomell; Cecil County Patriots’ Group “Recommends” Hodge, McCarthy for County Council Seats

CECIL CHATTER: Pipkin’s Birthday Gift; Cecil Commish Secrets Out in Delaware

CECIL CHATTER: By the numbers, Got his Number –Smipkin Chronicles

CECIL CHATTER: Judges, Whigs and Media Wars
CECIL CHATTER: GOP Casting Call; Jobs and Coffee in Cecilton; Del. Smigiel Strikeouts

CECIL CHATTER: Mush, The Bus, and Water Wings Redistricting

CECIL CHATTER: Polls, Free Lunches, and “Green Bags”

CECIL CHATTER: SAG, Snow, and Signs for 2016

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My sincere thanks to all who voted for me and supported our campaign to continue serving all of Cecil County

*While there was more I wished to do, I now look forward to spending more time with my family

*I cherish the friends who have reached out to me and share in the pride of what we have accomplished for Cecil County.

(Auth: Citizens for David Rudolph, Linda S. Read, Treasurer)

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