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Jackie Gregory Wins Split Vote for Cecil County Council President; Meffley Wins VEEP Slot after Gregory Push for Culberson Fails

December 7, 2022

NEWS ANALYSIS It was the first meeting of the new Cecil County Council, with a 3-2 majority of close political allies of County Executive Danielle Hornberger elected in November, but things didn’t exactly go to plan at the 12/6/2022 worksession. Long moments of silence, accompanied by overheard stage whispers and visible head shakes, thwarted...
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Sammons Pressures State GOP to Ban McCarthy, Bowlsbey, Coutz on Local Party Panel; Questions on Role of Haire, State Chair and Hornberger Ally

November 15, 2022

NEWS ANALYSIS It’s a good thing that Ronald Reagan, the late President and conservative Republican hero, never sought a seat on the Cecil County Republican Central Committee. If he had lived here, he wouldn’t qualify under retroactive sanctions now being proposed to ban anyone...
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Strong Election Day Turnout in Cecil County, Mail-In Ballots Not Yet Tallied; Initial Results Show Likely Dixon School Board Win

November 9, 2022

Cecil County voters turned out in force for in-person voting on Tuesday (11/8/2022), but the final outcomes of multiple races will not be determined until the completion of the next week and a half of scheduled Board of Elections (BOE) counts of mail-in and...
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Cecil County Votes: County Council, School Board Races, Charter Changes Top Election Issues; Mail-in Ballot Count to be Delayed

November 7, 2022

Cecil County voters go to the polls for in-person voting on Tuesday (11/8/2022) to decide three County Council races, three school board contests, and several county Charter proposed changes, but the final outcome of the voter decisions will not be known for more than...
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Andy Harris, GOP $ Turn “Nonpartisan” School Board Races into Political Power Grab; New Annapolis PAC Push for Partisan Control of Cecil Co Schools

November 1, 2022

NEWS ANALYSIS Campaigns for seats on the five-member Cecil County Board of Education are, by law, nonpartisan and candidates usually run low budget, mostly self-financed campaigns. But not this year, when Republican elected officials and a new political action committee created by former County...
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Cecil Co Charter Changes on Ballot Aim to Fix County Exec Issues; State Question Would Close Kevin Hornberger Residency Loophole

October 27, 2022

NEWS ANALYSIS As in-person early voting in the General Election began on Thursday (10/27/2022), Cecil County voters will decide five local Charter amendments, including changes in selection of Ethics Commission members and requiring greater “transparency” on spending and real estate deals by the County...
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Former County Council President Joyce Bowlsbey Files Write-in Challenge to new Nominee Hamilton in Dist. 2; “Experience Matters” Motto for General Election

September 9, 2022

Joyce Bowlsbey, the former President of the Cecil County Council and a longtime leader in many county civic organizations, has filed as a write-in candidate in the November general election, seeking to reclaim her District 2 Council seat that she held for six years....
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Kilby Files as Write-in Rival to Culberson in Cecil Co Council Race; Ex-Co Commissioner Challenges Hornberger “Mismanagement”

August 25, 2022

Phyllis Kilby, an eight-year veteran of the Cecil County Board of Commissioners and a leader in farm and civic groups, has filed with the Board of Elections (BOE) as a write-in candidate for the County Council seat now held by Donna Culberson (R-4), who...
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Low Turnout, Cox Crew, Secret $ and Slams Shaped Cecil County Primary; Miller Confirms Win to Return to Council

August 3, 2022

NEWS ANALYSIS Low voter turnout, a confusing state election schedule that pushed the primary election to the dog days of summer, and secret campaign money that financed a slew of negative and juvenile, cartoonish glossy flyers combined to make the recently concluded local election...
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Al Miller Apparent Win on Cecil Council; Kevin Hornberger Squeaks By in Crowded Delegate Race with 61% of Voters Against Him; McCarthy Tops Sammons on GOP Panel

July 27, 2022

NEWS ANALYSIS With all but a small handful of overseas and absentee votes left to count, Cecil County voters apparently returned County Councilor Al Miller (R-3) to a second term, with 51.3 percent of the vote, and rejected a vicious, negative attack campaign financed...
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Del. Hornberger, Councilor Miller in Fights for Political Lives in GOP Primary; Landslide Wins for Sheriff Adams, Wills Register Nickle

July 20, 2022

NEWS ANALYSIS If there is Karma in politics, Del. Kevin Hornberger (R-35B) is facing it: so confident of a re-election victory in a three-way race, he devoted much effort and political cash to promote allies of his wife, Cecil County Executive Danielle Hornberger, for...
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Slates, Slams and $: Gregory Promotes Pals for Cecil County Council; “Slate” Flyers Push Lies, Paid for by Developers, Hornberger

July 9, 2022

NEWS ANALYSIS Jackie Gregory (R-5), the vice president of the Cecil County Council, must have an acute case of insomnia, posting social media attacks on some of her fellow councilors and perceived political foes at all hours of the night. And when the sun...
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(UPDATED) Meffley’s Budget Guts Win $ for School Security, Other Councilors Cluck Like Backyard Chickens; Exec’s Pals Get Pay Boosts

May 27, 2022

NEWS ANALYSIS The horror of the Texas school shooting had not yet reached national network newscasts when the Cecil County Council convened Tuesday (5/24/2022) to consider County Executive Danielle Hornberger’s proposed Fiscal 2023 budget. Four members were unwilling to offer any amendments or changes...
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Gov. Hogan Raises Flag for Bainbridge Economic Development; Del. Hornberger Secret Plan Threatens Rest of Project, $ Cut for Cecil County, Port Deposit

May 1, 2022

A CECIL TIMES Special Report Redevelopment of the sprawling 1,185-acre Bainbridge site in Port Deposit, stalled for two decades by environmental and logistical problems, was celebrated by Gov. Hogan recently as a flag was raised on the first of three stages of the project...
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Cecil County Politics: State Elections Board Struggles on New Maps; Gregory Withdraws from Delegate Race; Cops Challenge Hornbergers’ Machine

April 19, 2022

NEWS ANALYSIS In a season of court challenges to re-districting lines for legislative and congressional districts and extended candidate filing deadlines, the list of contenders for local and state offices was supposed to be set on Friday (4/15/2022), but the state Board of Elections...
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