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Cecil County Council Avoids Political Dodgeball: Picks Culberson for Vacant Seat, Commends Panel That Rejected Mischief Maps

November 19, 2021

NEWS ANALYSIS Faced with limited options, the Cecil County Council took a path of subtle resistance this week when it picked the least politically challenging candidate to fill a vacant Council seat that will be on the ballot in next year’s elections. The Council also welcomed a redistricting commission report that rejected some highly...
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Dan Schneckenburger Replaced as Cecil County Administrator; Sudden Departure Raises Questions on Hornberger, Scott Agenda

October 21, 2021

NEWS ANALYSIS Dan Schneckenburger, a former one-term Cecil County Council member who was installed as the county Director of Administration by new County Executive Danielle Hornberger less than a year ago, was suddenly replaced this week by an acting administrator who lives in Harford...
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Hornberger Insults Cecil County Councilors Who Question Her Demands; Strongarm Tactics by Appointees Trigger Independence Moves by Council

October 1, 2021

NEWS ANALYSIS Cecil County Executive Danielle Hornberger has lobbed an insult-laden video attack on the County Council for daring to disagree with her on an Elkton town land annexation case, claiming in a fact-free screed that Councilors were “bought and paid for” by developers—despite...
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Patchell to Resign from Cecil County Council for Perryville Town Post, Setting Off GOP Nominations, Council Vote; Quiet, Respected Voice of Reason Departs

September 20, 2021

NEWS ANALYSIS Cecil County Council member George Patchell (R-4), a two-term elected official from Perryville and a consistently thoughtful and nonpartisan voice on many local issues, is resigning from the panel to take a job as the Perryville town administrator. His departure will set...
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Cecil County Council Unveils Redistricting Commission, Sammons Stirs Political Pot for GOP Seat

September 9, 2021

NEWS ANALYSIS Cecil County Council President Bob Meffley (R-1) could have used a sledgehammer to gavel a Council meeting to order on Tuesday (9/7/2021) when an unruly member of the local Republican Central Committee launched a loud personal attack. But the volume of his...
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Cecil County Schools to Require Masks for Students, Staff to Keep Schools Open Despite High COVID Rates, Low Vaccinations; 2 Politicians Fuel Anti-Mask Furor

August 25, 2021

Cecil County Public Schools (CCPS) will require students and staff to wear protective masks indoors, and on school buses, when classes resume on 9/1/2021, Schools Superintendent Jeff Lawson announced Wednesday (8/25/2021) in a video posted online. The masking rules are in response to high...
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New Cecil County Council Attorney, Chip MacLeod, Brings Deep Experience—and Stiff Spine—to County Legal Matters

July 15, 2021

NEWS ANALYSIS The Cecil County Council has hired Charles “Chip” MacLeod– a Chestertown lawyer with decades of experience in local government and the founder of the Clean Chesapeake Coalition that has fought for sediment cleanup at the Conowingo Dam– as the new County Council...
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Cecil County Council Strikes Out on Ethics Panel, Bond Bill and New $2.1 Million Reserve Funds Raid; Hornberger Throws Spitballs

June 18, 2021

NEWS ANALYSIS “And it’s one, two, three strikes you’re out, at the Old Ball Game.” The Cecil County Council stepped up to the legislative plate against the Hornberger administration this week but struck out, after some verbal swings at bat, on three major issues:...
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Hornberger Secretly Installs O’Rourke on Ethics Panel—Despite County Council’s Rejection of Nomination Four Months Ago; Council Angry at End-Run

June 10, 2021

A CECIL TIMES Special Report Cecil County Executive Danielle Hornberger secretly installed a former co-worker on the county Ethics Commission recently, despite the fact the County Council rejected her nomination to the panel in February. There was no notice given to the Council of...
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State Prosecutor Charges ex-County Election Official with 5 Criminal Counts in Handling of Danielle Hornberger Campaign Filings; Court Case Testimony Cited

June 6, 2021

The Office of the State Prosecutor (OSP) has filed five criminal charges against the former deputy director of the Cecil County Board of Elections for perjury, misconduct in office and allegedly falsifying required documents for the candidacy of Danielle Hornberger in her 2020 County...
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Cecil County Council OKs Hornberger Budget, I95 Toll Study Dropped; Library, Pension Cuts Accepted– Soda, Anyone?

June 3, 2021

NEWS ANALYSIS Call it the once-a-month soda budget: you’ll be able to treat yourself to an occasional large Coke at the drive-through under the slightly over a penny cut in property tax rates set in the new Fiscal 2022 budget proposed by County Executive...
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Smoke and Snooker, Promises and Placeholders: Will the Real Cecil County Budget Please Stand Up?

May 19, 2021

NEWS ANALYSIS Cecil County Executive Danielle Hornberger’s proposed Fiscal 2022 budget, which will go before local residents at a public hearing on Thursday (5/20/2021), has become an ever changing list of promises and wishes—and a challenge to the County Council to figure out what...
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Cecil County to Get $9.9 million Biden Windfall; County Exec Budget Cuts First Responders Pension $; Capital Budget Fudge

May 12, 2021

NEWS ANALYSIS Cecil County is about to receive a $9.9 million windfall under the new American Rescue Plan signed into law in March by President Biden but some of County Executive Danielle Hornberger’s budget actions could limit how, and how much, money could be...
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Scott, New Cecil County Attorney, Fumbles First Meeting of Hornberger’s New Ethics Panel; Clueless on Open Meetings Law, State Ethics Commission Role

April 21, 2021

NEWS ANALYSIS It was the first time that Lawrence Scott, an Annapolis political consultant and the new Cecil County Attorney, put in an official appearance at a public county meeting when he presided over the first session of the all-new membership of the county’s...
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Hornberger Budget Cuts Property Tax Rate Slightly, Keeps Income Tax Boost; $1 Extra for Schools, Cuts Library Operations

April 5, 2021

NEWS ANALYSIS Cecil County Executive Danielle Hornberger submitted her first budget to the County Council on 4/1/2021, proposing about a 1-cent cut in the property tax rate while keeping income tax rates at the level set by her predecessor, Alan McCarthy. She also slashed...
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