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Cecil County Chatter: Lights, Camera, Campaign; New Pet Rescue Trailer; Vino Veritas

May 8, 2014

Lights, Camera, Campaign: Broomell Mouths Off, Again When last we visited the election-year drama of Councilor Diana Broomell (R-4), she had toned down her act, under the watchful eye of a county Sheriff’s deputy summoned to a County Council worksession to keep the peace after she previously told another lawmaker to “shut up.” But,...
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Cecil County Chatter: 2002 Legacy Brings New $ Windfall; Thanks, Nelson and Harry

May 6, 2013

Former Commissioners’ 2002 Move Paves Way for Extra Revenues to County Now Who needs a fading casino when a little-known small power plant near the Pennsylvania state line has been a goldmine of revenues to Cecil County— providing a total of $54.2 million over 20 years? And what could be better than a new...
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Cecil County Chatter: Hold the Phone; Bailey Dials 911, Broomell’s 411, Whig Gets Ringtones

October 8, 2012

Commentary Bailey Dials 911, McCarthy Urges “Repeal” of Controversial Animal Law We’re not sure on what frequency Pamela Bailey, the Democratic candidate for County Council for District 1, operates, but it clearly wasn’t the same as others in the room for a candidates’ discussion before a small audience at an Earleville church breakfast on...
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My sincere thanks to all who voted for me and supported our campaign to continue serving all of Cecil County

*While there was more I wished to do, I now look forward to spending more time with my family

*I cherish the friends who have reached out to me and share in the pride of what we have accomplished for Cecil County.

(Auth: Citizens for David Rudolph, Linda S. Read, Treasurer)

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