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Cecil County Chatter: 2002 Legacy Brings New $ Windfall; Thanks, Nelson and Harry

May 6, 2013

Former Commissioners’ 2002 Move Paves Way for Extra Revenues to County Now Who needs a fading casino when a little-known small power plant near the Pennsylvania state line has been a goldmine of revenues to Cecil County— providing a total of $54.2 million over 20 years? And what could be better than a new...
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Cecil County Storm Stories: Road, Emergency Crews Weather the Crisis; Sleepless in Cecilton

July 3, 2012

Cecil County’s heroes of the storm told the County Commissioners Tuesday of their long hours to clear roads, assist power companies and help individual citizens trapped by Friday night’s sudden, severe thunderstorm and winds that left downed trees, power outages and damage through a wide swathe of southern Cecil County. And County Health Officer...
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