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Upper Shore Senate: Sossi, Hershey File in Dist 36 GOP Race as $ Shows Local Support for Sossi, Hershey Fueled by Loans and PACs (and Issue Aimed at Smigiel?)

January 29, 2014

Former Del. Dick Sossi has filed his candidacy in the Dist. 36 state Senate race against newly appointed Sen. Steve Hershey, setting up a grudge match replay of the 2010 Republican primary for a Delegate seat in which Hershey beat veteran incumbent Sossi by 124 votes after a last-minute negative campaign flyer attack. This...
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Rep. Harris Eyes Cleanup of Earleville Dump, Will “Insist” on Monitoring of New Dumping; Harbor Funds Could Aid Project

January 26, 2014

Rep. Andy Harris (R-1) told Cecil County officials Friday that the liner technology proposed to seal a US Army Corps of Engineers dump in Earleville is untested and he will “insist” on monitoring of any new dumping at the site for further pollution of area waterways and wells. During a meeting in Elkton with...
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State Port Sees Up to 7 Years Before Cecil County Dump Victims Get Safe Water; But State Wants to Re-Open Earleville Dump Next Year

January 23, 2014

The Maryland Port Administration (MPA) and the US Army Corps of Engineers foresee a timeline of four to seven years before several hundred Earleville homes whose wells have been polluted by a shipping channel dredge spoil dumpsite finally get clean, safe water piped in from the town of Cecilton, according to documents presented at...
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State Vet Board Considers Action Against Buddy Group; Cecil County Animal Contractor Runs $ Surplus, Silent on Attack by Foster Dog

January 20, 2014

The state Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners is slated to consider this week possible action against A Buddy for Life, which operates animal control under contract with the Cecil County government, for failing to obtain a required state license for nearly a year, state officials said. In addition, the Buddy group has continued to...
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McCarthy Backs Down from Challenge to Animal Law as Legal Questions Raised on Cecil County Council Amendment Powers

January 18, 2014

A tempest over Cecil County’s animal control ordinance, and an attempt by Councilor Alan McCarthy (R-1) to change two provisions as an amendment to legislation proposed by the county executive, has highlighted a test of legal powers between the two branches of county government. But under pressure from the county administration, McCarthy said Friday...
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Santa Pipkin Fills Smigiel Political Stocking with $6K; Coal for Jacobs, Hershey, Arentz in 36th District

January 16, 2014

It was two days after Christmas, 2013 and all through the Upper Shore, Republican politicos had visions of sugar-daddy plums coming down the chimney with ex-Sen. E.J. Pipkin, who resigned from his seat and moved to Texas—leaving behind a hefty goody sack filled with political cash. In a newly filed campaign finance report, Pipkin...
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Cecil County Council Splits on Any Pay Raise for new Sheriff; County Exec Asks Smaller Boost than Retiring Sheriff Janney Proposed

January 14, 2014

It must have been a political version of the “polar vortex,” that has turned the weather topsy turvey lately, when Cecil County Council President Robert Hodge (R-5) sided with his two usual foes on the Council Tuesday in opposing any pay raise in Fiscal 2015 for whatever individual is elected sheriff in this year’s...
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Schneckenburger Files for Cecil County Council in Dist. 3; Past Foe of ’3 Amigos’ Pledges GOP Loyalty, Job Creation in ’14 Campaign

January 7, 2014

Dan Schneckenburger, an engineer and past member of numerous county advisory panels and business groups, filed his candidacy on 1/6/13 for the Cecil County Council seat now held by Michael Dunn (R-3). In the recent past, Schneckenburger, a Republican, was highly critical of Dunn and his fellow members of the old “Three Amigos” majority...
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Campaign 2014 Takes to the Towns in Cecil County Council Race

January 6, 2014

Cecil County Councilor Joyce Bowlsbey (R-2) launched her election campaign on Monday, touring the county’s towns to hear first-hand the concerns of the municipalities and pledging to give local communities a voice in Elkton. Bowlsbey, who was appointed to her Council seat last year by County Executive Tari Moore, will be standing for election...
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Cecil County ‘Strategic Plan’ Draft Sets Future Goals; But Short on How to Get There

January 2, 2014

A new proposed “strategic plan” for Cecil County’s future, mandated by the new county Charter, sets five priorities for the county’s next five years but at least in its draft form, it is long on lofty rhetoric and short on concrete steps on how to achieve its goals. The proposal–drafted by a panel of...
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Cecil (Politics) Chatter: Secret PAC $ Pursued by State; Moore Returns to GOP Fold; Early Filers in Local Contests

December 9, 2013

State Threatens Criminal Case against PAC that Paid for other PAC’s Anti-Baynes Flyer Even more than a year after the last election, one of the deepest secrets of the local campaign season—who really paid for a vicious attack flyer against Cecil County Judge Keith Baynes—is still a secret. But the State Board of Elections...
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Cecil County Exec: In First Year of Charter Govt., Moore Claims Accomplishments; Seeks Property Tax Freeze Again

December 6, 2013

A Cecil Times Exclusive Report Cecil County’s first County Executive, Tari Moore, reflected upon her first year in office under the new Charter government in a wide-ranging exclusive interview with Cecil Times, saying she plans to freeze property tax rates again next year, may cut future retirement benefits for new county employees, and is...
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State Port Agency Offers $ to Extend Cecilton Town Water to Earleville Homes Contaminated by Army Dump; But Price of Clean Water is Letting Dump Re-Open

December 4, 2013

The Maryland Port Administration, anxious to resume dumping of shipping channel dredge spoils at an Earleville site that has contaminated nearby residential water wells, has told county officials and local residents it is willing to pay for extending a waterline from the town of Cecilton. But there is a big catch: the money, and...
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State Pushes No Cash Tolls at Cecil County’s Hatem Bridge, Fines for non-EZ Pass Drivers; Del. Rudolph to Push Law to Keep Cash Tolls

December 3, 2013

The long battle royale over boosted tolls at the Hatem Bridge that links Cecil County to the rest of Maryland has taken on a new twist: the state wants to eliminate cash toll payment lanes and force motorists to use electronic EZ Pay transponders—or face a $12 fee, including a $4 penalty over the...
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Cecil County Politics: Patchell, YMCA Chief, Files for Council Against Broomell; ‘MAD’ Dawson Withdraws from Senate Race

November 21, 2013

The 2014 Cecil County political contests took an interesting turn this week when George Patchell, executive director of the local YMCA, filed as a Republican candidate for County Council in District 4 to seek the seat held by controversial incumbent Diana Broomell. And Michael A. Dawson—known locally as “MAD Mike”—withdrew his candidacy for a...
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