Cecil County, Schools Map Future Business Uses for Basell Tech School Land; Who Pays is Unknown

September 2, 2015

The Cecil County government and the Cecil County Public Schools (CCPS) have signed an agreement mapping possible future business uses of extra land not needed for the new vo-tech school on the more than 90-acre Basell property. But left in the air is who would pay to build office and other buildings and whether...
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Consultant Outlines Fair Hill Horse Park Plan; Improvements, New Arena Could Cost $24 Million

August 31, 2015

A long-awaited consultant’s report issued on Monday outlines a multi-part strategy to improve the Fair Hill equine facilities, including a new arena with grandstands to be built in the county fairgrounds area, a visitor’s center, and VIP covered seating in the current steeplechase area. The proposals would cost up to $23.9 million if all...
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Cecil County Animal Control: Trappers,Buddies, SPCA Interested; Delaware Group Arrives Late as DE Crisis Looms

August 26, 2015

Cecil County officials hosted a mandatory meeting on Tuesday for groups or individuals interested in bidding on a new contract to provide animal control services, as it was disclosed that the county is interested in using government employees to apprehend strays while contracting out the housing of animals privately. At the same time, a...
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Carrie L. Taylor Pleads Guilty to Theft from Cecil County GOP Committee; Stole $ for Online Dating Services, Travel

August 18, 2015

Carrie L. Taylor, the former treasurer of the Cecil County Republican Central Committee, has pleaded guilty to felony charges of stealing over $8,859 from donations and using the money to buy personal airline tickets and membership in an online dating service, according to the Office of the State Prosecutor. She will be sentenced November...
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Derrick Lowe: An Appreciation– Cecil County Circuit Court Clerk, Gentleman, Dies

August 5, 2015

AN APPRECIATION Derrick Lowe, the two-term elected Clerk of the Cecil County Circuit Court, died suddenly Wednesday, leaving the county in shock and mourning for a dedicated, knowledgeable public official who loved his job and Cecil County. Lowe had just visited the Cecil County fair and was excited about participating in a 4-H club...
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Animal Control: Cecil County May Buy Shelter Building, Govt. to Regulate Adoptions; Delaware Shelter to Bid on Contract

August 3, 2015

Cecil County government has published a “request for proposals” (RFP) seeking animal control services under an 18-month contract, beginning 1/1/16, including provisions to allow the county government to buy a shelter building and assume its operating and maintenance costs. And a Delaware animal shelter that has been embroiled in fights with state and local...
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Cecil Co Exec Moore Proposes Animal Law Changes; Consolidates Power on ‘Advisory’ Panel, Drops Veterinarian Consults

July 31, 2015

Cecil County Executive Tari Moore on Friday submitted to the County Council proposed changes to the county’s animal law that would convert an independent citizen ‘oversight’ panel into an ‘advisory’ board dominated by county government officials to supervise the county’s private animal control contractor. The revisions also remove language allowing the panel to consult...
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CECIL CHATTER: Prince v. Pauper for Congress; Animals, Rabies and Moore

July 20, 2015

HARRIS CLOBBERS SMIGIEL IN GOP $ Incumbent US Rep. Andy Harris (R-1) has raised some princely sums for his re-election campaign while his challenger in the Republican primary, former state delegate Michael Smigiel, is a relative pauper, according to new filings with the Federal Election Commission (FEC). As in past elections, Harris’ reports look...
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Cecil County Ethics Panel Cites Animal Oversight Chair in 4-1 Vote; Dissenter Questions Mind-Readers; Yelton Protests to Council, Exec

July 9, 2015

A CECIL TIMES SPECIAL REPORT The former chair of Cecil County’s troubled animal control oversight panel has been found subject to “reprimand” by four members of the county’s Ethics Commission—but it’s a moot point because the chair, Lyn Yelton, already resigned several months ago. A dissenting opinion challenged that conclusion and said other members...
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Cecil County Budget: Just When You Thought it was Over, Here Come $ Amendments

July 8, 2015

The Cecil County Council adopted the new Fiscal 2016 budget just a few weeks ago but now that the new budget year began July 1, the panel is considering several budget amendments to boost or shift around spending and the county executive is asking for an expedited approval process that would shorten the time...
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Cecil County Fundraiser for Hogan Carries on, Minus Guest of Honor; Locals Send Get Well Wishes

July 3, 2015

Cecil County hosted a party for Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan Thursday night to support his re-election campaign funds and when the guest of honor couldn’t make it to the event, the party went on—with a giant ‘get well’ card and support for Hogan in his battle against cancer. Organizers of the event, the Cecil...
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Gov. Hogan Gives New Statewide Transportation Aid, Scaled-Back ‘Purple’ Rail Line for Mogo– But NADA for Cecil County

June 25, 2015

NEWS ANALYSIS Maryland Governor Larry Hogan announced new transportation aid, including $845 million in new roadwork for counties around the state, on Thursday—but Cecil County was not on the aid list. The no-thanks gesture comes at a time when local business leaders are scheduled to hold a fundraiser for Hogan’s future re-election campaign next...
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Cecil County Must Require Fire Sprinklers in New Single-family Homes; Hot Button Issue Returns

June 23, 2015

A local hot-button issue—mandatory fire sprinklers in newly built single-family homes—is back before the Cecil County Council, but this time the county will be unable to opt-out of sprinkler regulations that the old Board of Commissioners reversed over three years ago. As a result, there could be a rush to obtain building permits for...
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Cecil County Exec Sees No Need for Action on Broadband Services; South Cecil Loses Internet Provider

June 19, 2015

Cecil County has adequate high-speed Internet services for businesses in the Route 40 growth corridor and no county expenditures or initiatives are needed, according to a report by the administration of County Executive Tari Moore. But Moore’s report excluded residential customers and businesses located elsewhere in the county and came at the same time...
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Cecil County Council Lobs Budget Ball Over Moore’s Net; Schools Get $ Love, But in Tennis and Politics Love = Zero

June 5, 2015

COMMENTARY The budget adopted by the Cecil County Council this week was the toughest top-to-bottom scrutiny of county government spending in the three years of Charter government, with one glaring exception: the public schools. And the only significant item eventually cut from the schools –tennis court repairs—became a symbolic issue as the Council fought...
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