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Cecil County Exec: In First Year of Charter Govt., Moore Claims Accomplishments; Seeks Property Tax Freeze Again

December 6, 2013

A Cecil Times Exclusive Report Cecil County’s first County Executive, Tari Moore, reflected upon her first year in office under the new Charter government in a wide-ranging exclusive interview with Cecil Times, saying she plans to freeze property tax rates again next year, may cut future retirement benefits for new county employees, and is...
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State Port Agency Offers $ to Extend Cecilton Town Water to Earleville Homes Contaminated by Army Dump; But Price of Clean Water is Letting Dump Re-Open

December 4, 2013

The Maryland Port Administration, anxious to resume dumping of shipping channel dredge spoils at an Earleville site that has contaminated nearby residential water wells, has told county officials and local residents it is willing to pay for extending a waterline from the town of Cecilton. But there is a big catch: the money, and...
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State Pushes No Cash Tolls at Cecil County’s Hatem Bridge, Fines for non-EZ Pass Drivers; Del. Rudolph to Push Law to Keep Cash Tolls

December 3, 2013

The long battle royale over boosted tolls at the Hatem Bridge that links Cecil County to the rest of Maryland has taken on a new twist: the state wants to eliminate cash toll payment lanes and force motorists to use electronic EZ Pay transponders—or face a $12 fee, including a $4 penalty over the...
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Cecil County Politics: Patchell, YMCA Chief, Files for Council Against Broomell; ‘MAD’ Dawson Withdraws from Senate Race

November 21, 2013

The 2014 Cecil County political contests took an interesting turn this week when George Patchell, executive director of the local YMCA, filed as a Republican candidate for County Council in District 4 to seek the seat held by controversial incumbent Diana Broomell. And Michael A. Dawson—known locally as “MAD Mike”—withdrew his candidacy for a...
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Upper Shore Politics: Arentz Gets Gov. Nod for Vacant Delegate Seat; Keeping Smigiel Delegate Option Open for 2014?

November 15, 2013

News Analysis Gov. Martin O’Malley usually doesn’t come across as a man of few words on any topic, but when he is just carrying out a pro-forma requirement, he can be quite succinct. So it took just two short paragraphs for the governor to announce this week that he has formally appointed Steve Arentz,...
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Animal Control Oversight Panel Eases Kennel Regs; Silences Protests by Bite Victim, Buddy Critics

November 12, 2013

A Cecil County citizen oversight panel on animal control has voted to ease several controversial regulations for dog kennel operators, but the group refused to consider concerns raised by citizens– including the victim of an attack by a ‘foster’ dog placed in her home by A Buddy for Life, the county’s paid contractor for...
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Cecil County Asks ‘Sanctions,’ $40K from Del. Smigiel for Costs of his Losing Lawsuit Against County Exec Over Political Party Shift

November 10, 2013

The Cecil County government is seeking court “sanctions” against Del. Michael Smigiel and repayment of nearly $40,000 the county spent to defend itself against a losing lawsuit by Smigiel challenging County Executive Tari Moore’s post-election shift from Republican to “unaffiliated.” A judge ruled several weeks ago that Smigiel’s case had “no support whatsoever” in...
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State Vet Board to Investigate Buddy Animal Shelter on License Issues; Family Says Buddy Foster Dog Killed Pet, Attacked Woman

November 4, 2013

A Cecil Times Special Report A state veterinary regulatory board will investigate the animal shelter operated by A Buddy for Life, under an animal control contract with Cecil County, amidst questions about lack of proper state licensing and inspection. And an Elkton family is mourning the loss of a pet Chihuahua they say was...
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Steve Arentz, Queen Anne’s Co. Commissioner, Wins Majority GOP Panel Support for Dist. 36 Delegate; Past Campaign $ Issues Resolved

October 25, 2013

Steve Arentz, president of the Queen Anne’s County Board of Commissioners, has won the endorsement of Republican party committees in three of the four counties of the 36th District to fill a vacant state Delegate seat. As a result, his appointment is all but assured under the state Constitution, even before Cecil County Republicans...
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Cecil County Exec Delays New Kennel License Regs; Animal Control Oversight Panel Questions Buddies’ $, Dog Housing at Shelter

October 23, 2013

Cecil County Executive Tari Moore announced Tuesday night a delay in enforcement of dog kennel licensing rules under a new animal control law until an oversight panel can propose revisions. And the county’s new animal control contractor could not answer the oversight panel’s questions about the number of dogs housed at its rented shelter...
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Cecil County Animal Control Contractor Nets Extra Cash from Taxpayer Contract Despite Multiple Rents; Dog Head Count Questions

October 18, 2013

A Cecil Times Special Report: Second in a Series Cecil County’s animal control contractor—which has a more than $2.2 million contract with the local government—is spending less than it gets from the county to take in and care for animals, according to required financial reports. But the reports also raise questions about where over...
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‘Buddy” Group, with $2.2 Million Cecil County Animal Control Deal, and Allies Push Legal Steps Against Critics, Oversight Panel

October 16, 2013

A CECIL TIMES Special Report—First in a Series A Buddy for Life, a Delaware animal rescue group with a more than $2.2 million Cecil County government contract for animal control, has hired a lawyer to threaten an unpaid volunteer who complained to county officials about conditions for animals housed at the group’s rented shelter....
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Cecil County Exec’s ‘Unaffiliated’ Party Move, Appointment of Bowlsbey to Council Upheld by Judge; Smigiel Suit Dismissed

October 10, 2013

A Circuit Court judge has thrown out a lawsuit by Del. Michael Smigiel challenging the appointment of Joyce Bowlsbey to the Cecil County Council, ruling there was “no support whatsoever” in the law for Smigiel’s claims and noting that the delegate hadn’t even bothered to respond to county legal arguments in the case although...
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Cecil County Sheriff’s Salary Boost Proposed; County’s Top Cop Pay 3rd-Lowest in State [UPDATED]

October 7, 2013

Cecil County Sheriff Barry Janney has proposed a gradual increase in the salary of the Sheriff to raise the pay scale from one of the lowest in the state to a close-to-par wage for other Sheriff’s on the Upper Shore. Cecil County has a larger population, higher crime rate, and more jail oversight duties...
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Dist. 36 State Delegate Seat Up for Grabs as Caroline County Candidate Falls Victim to Map Murk

October 3, 2013

“Mapmaker, mapmaker, make me a map…” (With apologies to ‘Fiddler on the Roof’) Caroline County residents thought they had a golden opportunity to have their own “resident” Delegate in the General Assembly, after a nearly 20-year hiatus, with revised district line maps that expand the county’s voting share in the four-county 36th legislative district....
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THANK YOU, Cecil County voters, for endorsing my campaign for Delegate.
--Alan McCarthy