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Cecil County Drug Problems: Health Officials Cite Treatment Progress; Broomell Challenges Drug Panel but Cop in the Room Restrains Outbursts

March 25, 2014

Under the watchful eyes of a Cecil County Sheriff’s Deputy summoned to keep order at a County Council worksession on Tuesday, Councilor Diana Broomell (R-4) challenged, in largely polite terms, the efficacy of the county’s drug addiction treatment advisory panel while county health officials documented successes of “crisis” mental health and drug overdose intervention...
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Cecil County Council GOP Candidates: Anti-Government ‘Campaign for Liberty’ Faction vs. Problem Solvers, Economic Development Backers

March 21, 2014

Republicans running for the Cecil County Council in this year’s June primary election squared off Thursday night in a political forum, with two chief factions emerging in the contests– local education and economic development backers and problem-solvers contrasted with allies of the state and national anti-government “Campaign for Liberty” organization. But there were also...
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Cecil County Roads Need $2 Million in Urgent Storm Repairs; Broomell Objects to ‘Growing Government’ with Asphalt

March 19, 2014

It’s been a rough winter on Cecil County roads, as multiple snowstorms and freezing temperatures have buckled pavement and opened up crater-sized potholes on many streets and highways. So county roads officials are asking to tap reserve funds to pay for emergency repairs as well as new budgeting flexibility so that allocated funds don’t...
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Cecil Whig, Shore Newspapers Sold; Mystery Surrounds Eclectic Family with Camping, Wine Interests– to Dabble in News

March 14, 2014

The Cecil Whig is being sold by a Texas-based media company, which was owned primarily by foreign banks and investors, to a multi-state US family-led operation with no news background but a financially profitable string of businesses tied to recreational vehicles and a multi-millionaire with eclectic interests in French vineyards and music education. The...
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Cecil County Exec Moore Proposes New Budget to Freeze Property Tax Rates Again, Boost Schools Aid and Target Drug Abuse Programs

March 3, 2014

Cecil County Executive Tari Moore proposed a new Fiscal 2015 budget that would freeze property tax rates, add one new Sheriff’s deputy to the force and boost public schools spending by 3.5 percent, including a rising share of teacher pension costs dumped on the county by the state. For the second consecutive year, Moore...
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Cecil County Politics: Battles Brew in Council, State’s Attorney, and Delegate Races as Candidates File for 2014 Elections

February 25, 2014

Several hotly contested races are shaping up, especially in the June Republican primary, for Cecil County offices and state legislative seats as the clock ran down for individual candidates to file for office Tuesday evening. A fight between a splinter “liberty” group and other Republicans is brewing in one Council contest and for control...
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Cecil County Council Behaves Politely, for a Change, Under the Watchful Eye of the Law

February 25, 2014

What a difference a Deputy in the room makes. After a raucous Cecil County Council worksession last week at which Councilor Diana Broomell shouted at another lawmaker to “shut up,” on Tuesday the voices were hushed, the tone polite and Broomell even raised her hand to ask permission to speak. Seated a few feet...
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Political Paranoia on Shocking Display at Cecil County Council; Broomell Loses Control

February 21, 2014

COMMENTARY “Paranoia strikes deep, Into your life it will creep; Starts when you’re always afraid, Step out of line, the man come and take you away…” –Buffalo Springfield song, “For What It’s Worth” There were many people at the Cecil County Council’s 2/18/14 worksession who wished someone would come and take Councilor Diana Broomell...
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‘Good Mike’ Dawson Withdraws from Cecil County Council Race to Unify Opposition to Broomell; May Seek Other Office

February 17, 2014

Michael W. “Good Mike” Dawson has withdrawn his candidacy for the Cecil County Council seat now held by Diana Broomell, throwing his support to fellow Republican George Patchell in an effort to unify opposition to Broomell. Dawson, whose family has generations-deep roots in the Perryville area, had filed his official candidacy including the “Good...
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Five Shades of Grey: Broomell Bondage of Cecil County Council–Election Rants on Horses, Ethics

February 12, 2014

News Analysis The Cecil County Council has been tied up in knots— some might say a “Five Shades of Grey” political bondage—by recent take-colleagues-as-prisoners attacks by Cecil County Councilor Diana Broomell (R-4), full of salacious verbiage with little if any factual substantiation on issues as unrelated as horses and ethics. Not since the 2011-2012...
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Cecil County Animal Control Group Admits Secrecy on Fatal Attack, Claims Big Taxpayer Costs for Day of Care; State Probe Continues

February 6, 2014

A Cecil Times Special Report Cecil County’s animal control contractor, A Buddy for Life, Inc., has admitted it omitted details of a fatal attack by one of its ‘foster’ dogs in a required report to county officials, while a state inquiry into the group continues and new financial data indicates taxpayers are paying caviar...
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Judge Rules Smigiel Off the Hook to Pay Taxpayers’ $40K Legal Bill for his Lawsuit Against Cecil County

February 5, 2014

You know it’s going to be an interesting, or circuitous, argument when a legal or political document begins with an 1835 quotation from Alexis de Tocqueville, that astute observer of early America. A Circuit Court judge recently struck both legal and political notes in ruling that Del. Michael Smigiel (R-36) should not be required...
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Wayne Tome, Port Mayor and Former County Commissioner, Files for Cecil County Council Seat

February 3, 2014

Port Deposit mayor and former county commissioner Wayne Tome has filed as a candidate for the Cecil County Council in this year’s elections, seeking to regain the District 4 seat he lost in 2010. Tome is also the first Democrat to file in this year’s Council races, in which three seats are at stake:...
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Cecil County Sheriff Dept. Goes to Dogs: K9 Officers to Join Force, Patrol Schools

February 2, 2014

Cecil County’s Sheriff’s Department is bringing on two new four-pawed recruits this spring, training K9 dogs to detect illegal drugs in schools and also serve broader law enforcement duties in the county—at no expense to taxpayers. In an interview with Cecil Times, Sheriff Barry Janney said that he has been working for months on...
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Upper Shore Senate: Sossi, Hershey File in Dist 36 GOP Race as $ Shows Local Support for Sossi, Hershey Fueled by Loans and PACs (and Issue Aimed at Smigiel?)

January 29, 2014

Former Del. Dick Sossi has filed his candidacy in the Dist. 36 state Senate race against newly appointed Sen. Steve Hershey, setting up a grudge match replay of the 2010 Republican primary for a Delegate seat in which Hershey beat veteran incumbent Sossi by 124 votes after a last-minute negative campaign flyer attack. This...
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