Cecil County Sheriff Joins ICE Program to Turn Over Illegals, Won’t House Detainees at Jail; Sheriff Faces Guard Shortage

May 1, 2019

A CECIL TIMES Special Report Cecil County Sheriff Scott Adams has signed an agreement with the federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency to co-operate with ICE to identify and turn over Detention Center inmates who are being sought as illegal immigrants. But the county is not participating in a separate federal program that would...
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Cecil County Animal Services Overspends Budget, Asks $140K from Reserve Funds; Choice Between Cat Kibble or Ambulance?

April 17, 2019

A CECIL TIMES Special Report NEWS ANALYSIS Cecil County’s Animal Services agency is overspending its current Fiscal 2019 budget and is asking for an infusion of $140,000 immediately, drawn from a county fiscal reserve fund that is supposed to be off-limits for current spending. In addition, the agency is seeking a 41.7 percent operating...
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Cecil County Schools Get Windfall from State Kirwan Aid, Boosting Budget Over Demands for County $; Library Touts Citizen Support

April 10, 2019

Cecil County Public Schools (CCPS) will get about a $4.8 million windfall from new state aid, designed to be a “downpayment” on new educational improvement initiatives recommended by the state Kirwan Commission, in its new Fiscal 2020 budget—undercutting school advocates’ claims that students would suffer because the County Executive did not give schools everything...
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Cecil County Politics: ‘Robocall’ in County Exec Race Pushes Negative Message; Could Run Afoul of New State Election Regs

April 2, 2019

A CECIL TIMES Special Report A recent political “robocall,” purporting to be a poll of voter sentiment in the 2020 Cecil County Executive race, pushed negative messages about the incumbent in an apparent effort to influence listeners’ votes and potentially float trial balloons for further negative messages. But the call could run afoul of...
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New Cecil County Budget Freezes Property, Income Tax Rates; Boosts Schools by $2.4 Million

March 31, 2019

Cecil County Executive Alan McCarthy unveiled his new Fiscal 2020 budget plan on Friday (3/29/2019), freezing property and income tax rates at current levels and boosting school spending by $2.44 million, or 3.6 percent above the state-mandated local aid for the schools. The budget, McCarthy’s third since taking office, continues his stated policy of...
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Delaware Road Takes Heavy Toll in South Cecil: Angry Residents Demand End of Truck Invasion

March 21, 2019

There was anger in the air, and some gallows humor, as about 100 southern Cecil County area residents gathered in Cecilton Wednesday evening (3/20/2019) to question state and local officials on efforts to counteract the invasion of heavy trucks, and speeding cars, in the Warwick and Cecilton areas as drivers trying to avoid newly...
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McCarthy Presses for Local Road Help as Trucks Dodging Delaware Rt. 301 Tolls Invade Cecil County

March 18, 2019

Delaware is considering coming up with money to repair southern Cecil County roads damaged by trucks that have clogged local rural roads while evading new tolls on Route 301 near the state line and Middletown, DE, according to a letter released by Cecil County Executive Alan McCarthy. McCarthy said Friday (3/15/2019) that he spoke...
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CECIL CHATTER: Space Aliens and Rocket Science: Conspiracy Theory Fuels Local Politics; Smart Jobs Come to Cecil County

March 6, 2019

WILL SPACE ALIENS CAPTURE RISING SUN? Cecil County politics is known for the wild and weird, from the many misadventures of the “Three Amigos” on the County Commissioners board to a nose-biting incident at a polling place on election day. Just when you thought that, several years into Charter government, things had changed for...
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Amanda Bessicks, Cecil County State’s Attorney, Resigns for Health Reasons; Judges to Name Successor

February 24, 2019

NEWS ANALYSIS Amanda Bessicks, the newly-elected Cecil County State’s Attorney, is resigning her post as of 3/15/2019 due to health reasons, according to a letter sent to the county Circuit Court administrative judge.. Her resignation cuts short a promising career as the county’s chief prosecutor and a reform-minded leader for an office that has...
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Cecil County Admits Animal Services Failed to Inspect Kennels; Cecil Times Report Confirmed

February 10, 2019

A CECIL TIMES Special Report Cecil County Animal Services failed to inspect multiple kennel businesses in 2018 and is only now scheduling inspections, according to the county attorney, after CECIL TIMES reported previously that many inspections were not conducted or licenses issued as required by county law. “The County acknowledges it has been late...
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County Seizes 63 Animals, Citing “Neglect;” Questions on Animal Services Lack of Kennel Inspections, County Oversight

February 5, 2019

A CECIL TIMES Special Report Cecil County’s government-operated Animal Services agency recently raided two locations, in Elkton and Rising Sun, and took into custody 63 animals as part of an investigation of alleged animal “neglect” by a non-profit animal rescue organization, according to county officials. But there are many unanswered questions about licensing and...
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Cecil County Exec McCarthy: No Tax Rise in New Budget; Will Seek Re-election in 2020

January 29, 2019

NEWS ANALYSIS The state of Cecil County is “great and getting better,” according to Cecil County Executive Alan McCarthy, and he will seek a second term in office in 2020 to continue to promote economic development, job creation and educational improvements in the county. McCarthy, who delivered his annual “state of the county” address...
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Santa Knew Delaware Rt 301 Tolls Would Push Trucks to Cecil County; DELDOT Still the Grinch

January 22, 2019

NEWS ANALYSIS It was a snowy December night in Middletown, DE a decade or so ago, when the Delaware Department of Transportation (DELDOT) held a public meeting to showcase its plans for a Route 301 toll road around the rapidly growing town. Mark Tudor, the project director, glibly touted the glossy pictures and charts...
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Cecil County Property Values Rise in South County; Home Sellers Benefit, Residents Could Face Higher Tax Bills

January 10, 2019

Home values rose 9 percent in southern Cecil County and parts of Elkton over the past three years, according to new state property assessments– reflecting a resurging real estate economy in the county and a blessing for homeowners who suffered major losses in values during the recession that left them with mortgages higher than...
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Water Park Resort Planned in Perryville; New Era in Cecil County Economic Development

December 18, 2018

NEWS ANALYSIS A new $200 milllion water park and resort, planned for Perryville near the existing Hollywood Casino, could mark a new era in Cecil County economic development—with a potential ripple effect to attract other new amenities to the western area of the county and revive past development dreams that were dashed by the...
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