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Cecil County Exec Sees No Need for Action on Broadband Services; South Cecil Loses Internet Provider

June 19, 2015

Cecil County has adequate high-speed Internet services for businesses in the Route 40 growth corridor and no county expenditures or initiatives are needed, according to a report by the administration of County Executive Tari Moore. But Moore’s report excluded residential customers and businesses located elsewhere in the county and came at the same time...
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Cecil County Council Lobs Budget Ball Over Moore’s Net; Schools Get $ Love, But in Tennis and Politics Love = Zero

June 5, 2015

COMMENTARY The budget adopted by the Cecil County Council this week was the toughest top-to-bottom scrutiny of county government spending in the three years of Charter government, with one glaring exception: the public schools. And the only significant item eventually cut from the schools –tennis court repairs—became a symbolic issue as the Council fought...
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Cecil County Council Approves New Budget, Freezes Tax Rate; Schools Untouched, Sheriff Gets Last Minute Hit

June 3, 2015

The Cecil County Council approved a new Fiscal 2016 budget Tuesday night, cutting spending by over $2 million to kill a property tax increase proposed by County Executive Tari Moore. But the council’s deliberations went to the wire with a last-minute $150,000 spending cut in the county Sheriff’s Department budget that already had been...
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BULLETIN: Cecil County Council Slashes Extra $150K from Sheriff; Delays Land Transfer Tax Briefly

June 2, 2015

In a last-minute move just hours before the Cecil County Council was slated to approve the Fiscal 2016 budget, Council President Robert Hodge (R-5) pushed through another $150,000 cut in the Sheriff Department’s budget Tuesday morning. Hodge had been angling for weeks for deeper cuts, especially aimed at eliminating the position of head of...
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Cecil County Council Fine-tunes Budget: Tax Boost Killed, Tennis Courts Out, Some Cop Gear In

May 29, 2015

The Cecil County Council reached its goal on Thursday to block a property tax increase proposed by the County Executive, with extra money still available for possible last-minute additional tax relief for citizens or lowering healthcare expenses paid by county employees. After several hours of often chaotic number-crunching and cross-talk at an afternoon meeting...
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Cecil County Council in Budget Home Stretch to Freeze Tax Rate; Schools Off Cutting Block but Some Wonder Why

May 27, 2015

The Cecil County Council crawled into the home stretch of their budget deliberations on Tuesday, with another round of spending cuts that put them within about $146,000 of their goal to prevent a two-cent property tax increase proposed by County Executive Tari Moore. At one point, County Council President Robert Hodge (R-5) proposed a...
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Court Decision Cuts Cecil County Future Tax Revenues $1.3 Million a Year; County Council Slogs Through Budget for Spending Cuts

May 20, 2015

A new US Supreme Court decision will cost Cecil County an estimated $1.3 million a year in future lost income tax revenues, and refunds for past taxes struck down by the court could cost the county up to $1.4 million more than previously expected. The fiscal bad news came as the Cecil County Council...
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Cecil County Council’s Honeymoon with Exec is Over; Big Budget Cuts Loom in Bid to void Moore’s Tax Boosts; Citizens Speak on Budget

May 13, 2015

NEWS ANALYSIS The budget honeymoon between the Cecil County Council and County Executive Tari Moore—which lasted for two years of minimal cuts in her budget proposals—is over. The Council is weighing a broad array of spending cuts, from big-ticket items to budgetary pocket change, to avoid or reduce Moore’s two-cent property tax rate rise...
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Cecil County Council Demands Exec. Action on Animal Control After Race Slurs to Scouts; Moore Suspends Public Oversight Panel

May 8, 2015

NEWS ANALYSIS The Cecil County Council, confronted by anguished parents and supporters of Girl Scouts who say they suffered racial slurs after they spoke up at a meeting of the county’s animal control oversight panel, is now pressing the County Executive for action to resolve long-standing issues surrounding the county’s animal control contractor, A...
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Cecil County Animal Oversight Panel Loses Members, Girl Scouts Dissed for Comments, Race Slurs Alleged; Moore Keeps $720K Costs

May 4, 2015

NEWS ANALYSIS Cecil County’s animal control oversight panel that monitors a private contractor, handling stray animals at taxpayer expense, has lost two members who resigned recently after what some say was “bullying” by the contractor, A Buddy for Life, Inc. And after a meeting last week, Girl Scouts who had questioned the shelter operations...
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Cecil County Budget: Sheriff’s Deputies Lack Riot Gear, Short-Staffed; Unable to Help Baltimore Cops in Riot

April 30, 2015

Cecil County Sheriff’s deputies have no riot gear to protect them in violent crowd situations and are so short-staffed that the agency could not respond to a request for help from the embattled Baltimore City Police Department during the past week, Sheriff Scott Adams told the Cecil County Council in Elkton on Thursday. “We...
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Cecil County Budget: Moore Boosts Exec Spending, Cuts County Council $ for Advisers; Employee Health Costs Explode

April 24, 2015

NEWS ANALYSIS Cecil County Executive Tari Moore’s new proposed budget would boost her own office’s spending by 3.2 percent while cutting the County Council’s current budget by 4.2 percent, especially in accounts that could enable the Council to hire independent advisers to review or challenge her policies. In addition, county employees have a “Cadillac”...
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Trash Talk: Cecil County Landfill Fees Rise in Moore Budget; Users of Services on Path to Pay Full Costs

April 16, 2015

News Analysis Cecil County’s landfill operations have been racking up expenses faster than fees paid by trash dumpers, despite rate increases last year and previous efforts by County Executive Tari Moore to make trash services pay for themselves. In her new budget, Moore proposes more fee boosts to make landfill operations begin to stand...
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Cecil County Budget: Higher Fees, from Houses to Jukeboxes; Costs Rise under Moore Budget Plan

April 10, 2015

News Analysis Cecil County Executive Tari Moore’s proposed budget would boost fees and taxes on many aspects of local residents’ daily lives, from buying a new home to living in a “manufactured” house, to playing a video game or a jukebox. Some of the proposed fee hikes are modest, affect rather obscure services and...
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Judge Baynes Outlines Drug Court Program; Plea Bargains Limit Punishment Options

April 8, 2015

Cecil County’s Drug Court program is getting about a third of its participants off drugs and working to turn their lives around, but the culture of drugs in the county and plea bargains by prosecutors are an uphill struggle, Circuit Court Judge Keith Baynes told the County Council on Tuesday. Baynes, who serves as...
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