Cecil County Sheriff: 9 Drug Deaths in a Month, Lethal Strain Feared; Indian Acres Fight Flares

February 2, 2017

CECILTON—In just the first month of the new year, there have been nine fatal drug overdoses in Cecil County, amid concerns that new strains of deadly fentanyl is being mixed with heroin to create a serious new threat, Sheriff Scott Adams told a community “town hall” meeting in Cecilton Wednesday evening. (2/1/2017) “We’re really...
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Gov. Hogan Proposes $4million Drug Abuse Program, New Treatment Clinic Opens in Cecil County; Trump Health Plan Changes Could Limit Coverage

January 24, 2017

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan proposed an anti-drug initiative Tuesday 1/24/2017 that would boost spending by $4 million on treatment and monitoring programs, along with tougher laws aimed at drug traffickers and over-prescribing of opioids by physicians. At the same time, a new out-patient detox and treatment center held a ribbon-cutting ceremony in conjunction with...
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COMMENTARY: Trump Plays Politics with Dead CIA Heroes, Anonymous Wall Stars

January 21, 2017

COMMENTARY There are no words to express the appropriate level of shock and revulsion at new President Donald Trump’s Saturday (1/21/17) appearance and speech, using the hallowed ground of the CIA’s tribute wall to the anonymous heroes who sacrificed their lives in service to the nation, as a political prop to launch yet another...
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Cecil County Economy: Two Employers Contrasts, Florklifters vs. Skilled Tech Jobs; Store Cashiers Top Future Job Growth

January 20, 2017

NEWS ANALYSIS Cecil County had some good economic development news this week, for a change, with the formal announcement of 700 jobs with online retailer Amazon coming to a mega-warehouse near Perryville. But enthusiasm should be tempered with a dose of economic reality on the shortcomings of the local workforce and the paucity of...
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Amazon to Open Huge Warehouse in Principio Park; 700 Jobs Expected in Cecil County

January 14, 2017

“Alexa, bring 700 jobs to Cecil County, ASAP.”—Cecil County government “Of course. My Pleasure.”—Amazon Echo’s “Alexa” virtual assistant Online retailer Amazon will open a $90 million mega-warehouse, employing up to 700 full-time workers, in the Principio Business Park off Route 40 near Perryville. State loan/grants of over $1.2 million and a Cecil County government...
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Cecil County Crime Stats Drop in 2015, but Drug OD Deaths Still High in 2016

January 8, 2017

Major crimes in Cecil County declined significantly in 2015, according to new data submitted to state and federal authorities, but the number of murders increased and separate health reports showed drug overdose deaths continued to be a serious problem in the county for most of 2016. The Maryland State Police compiled data from its...
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Cecil County State’s Attorney Rollins Clings to Job, Files for New Trial on Sex Case Convictions; Court Record Raises Questions

January 3, 2017

NEWS ANAYLSIS Cecil County State’s Attorney Edward D.E. “Ellis” Rollins III has filed a motion for a new trial after his jury conviction on two sexual misconduct-related charges– thus prolonging the taxpayer-funded agony and embarrassment of having to continue to pay a salary and benefits to a disgraced prosecutor who hasn’t appeared in Cecil...
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Property Values Rise 6% in New State Assessments; Some Help for Cecil County Budget, Home Sellers

January 2, 2017

Cecil County home and business property values rose by a combined rate of about 6 percent in new state property tax assessments in northern areas of the county in 2016, providing some welcome news for homeowners looking to sell their houses as well as a potential boost in revenues to the Cecil County government...
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CECIL CHATTER: Cecil County Annapolis Clout; Cheers to Cheryl

December 20, 2016

COSTS OF LOCAL CHANGE, STATE CLOUT for CECIL The Cecil County Council is considering a proposed $157,000 budget amendment for severance pay costs to three ousted department heads under the new administration of Cecil County Executive Alan McCarthy and to hire lobbyists in Annapolis to get the state government to pay more attention to...
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Cecil County State’s Attorney Rollins Convicted on 2 Counts in Sex Case; Next Legal Steps, Removal from Office, Unclear

December 12, 2016

NEWS ANALYSIS Cecil County State’s Attorney Edward D.E “Ellis” Rollins III was convicted of indecent exposure and disorderly conduct on Friday 12/9/16 in Worcester County Circuit Court, stemming from nudity and sex acts observed while he was at an Ocean City hotel during a taxpayer-financed visit to a state legal conference. But the next...
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Cecil County’s Next Era: Alan McCarthy Sworn-in as County Executive, Pledges to Govern with ‘Respect;’ Two New County Councilors Take Seats

December 6, 2016

(WITH EXCLUSIVE CECIL TIMES VIDEO) Alan McCarthy– a local veterinarian, businessman and former Vice-President of the County Council–was sworn in as Cecil County Executive on Monday 12/5/16, pledging to treat all taxpayers with “respect” and to work hard to bring jobs and economic development to the county. McCarthy and two new members of the...
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CECIL TIMES SPECIAL REPORT: County Budget Bleaker Than Rosy Report to County Council; New Executive Faces Fiscal Challenges

November 21, 2016

A CECIL TIMES SPECIAL REPORT NEWS ANALYSIS Cecil County’s fiscal picture looked rosier than expected recently as county finance officials presented a detailed accounting of the recently completed budget year and projected a positive forecast for the rest of the current fiscal year. But buried in the numbers were enough caveats and concerns to...
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Final Vote Tally Confirms Manlove Wins Cecil County School Board Seat; Sen. Van Hollen Gets Plums, Rep. Harris Lemons

November 20, 2016

William C. Manlove narrowly retained his seat on the Cecil County Board of Education, according to final vote counts, and he slightly widened his election night winning margin over challenger Kevin Emmerich. Although the contest was officially non-partisan, the closeness of the race indicated there was spillover from the national political climate. Manlove, a...
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Cecil County Mirrors National Trump Support; Clinton Carries Maryland in Presidential Race

November 9, 2016

Cecil County delivered a sweeping margin to Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, reflecting national sentiment, while statewide Maryland voters strongly supported Democrat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. Trump carried Cecil County with 27,579 votes, or 64.4 percent of the total, while Clinton received 12,651 votes, or 29.6 percent. The Libertarian ticket received...
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Alan McCarthy Wins Cecil County Executive Race by Wide Margin; Manlove Holds On at School Board

November 8, 2016

Alan McCarthy, the current Vice President of the Cecil County Council, won a solid victory Tuesday in his race to become only the second County Executive under Charter government. McCarthy, a Republican, defeated former County Commissioner and Port Deposit Mayor Wayne Tome, a Democrat, by about a two-to-one margin. McCarthy tallied 27,229 votes from...
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