GOP Central Committee: ‘Liberty’ Faction Gets 2 Seats, ‘United’ Slate Wins Majority

June 25, 2014

The Cecil County Republican Central Committee, which has been controlled for the past four years by a majority tied to the former Smipkin political machine, will face an overhaul with a new majority that ran on a “United Republican” slate.

But two candidates who ran as members of a “Campaign for Liberty” slate—Chris Zeauskas, the current GOP committee’s chairman, and Michael A. Dawson (MAD Mike, as he is known in Perryville) also won seats on the 9-member GOP Central Committee.

The Central Committee is empowered to nominate candidates to fill a vacancy in local elective government offices and also is tasked with building support for the political party.

The top vote-getter in the multi-candidate contest was William Harris, a minister and former president of the local Republican Club, who won 2,840 votes or 6.99 percent.

The top six vote-getters were members of the United slate: Harris; Michael W. “Good Mike” Dawson; Joseph Zurolo; Kathy Kunda; Bob Amato; and Kevin Hornberger.

Zeauskas, who lost a bid for County Council in Tuesday’s primary election, received 2,151 votes or 5.28 percent in the Central Committee contest. MAD Dawson, who lost his campaign for another County Council seat, received 1,953 votes or 4.79 percent.

Diane Carabetta, who was not a member of a slate, received 1,817 votes or 4.46 percent. Her husband, Joe, is a current member of the GOP central committee but chose not to seek re-election.

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