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Cecil County Budget Panel: Layoffs ‘Last Resort;’ Review Public Safety

April 19, 2011

A citizens’ budget advisory panel told the Cecil County Commissioners Tuesday that employee layoffs or furloughs should only be a “last resort,” public schools should be funded at a compromise level and rising public safety spending needs “further scrutiny.” It took weeks of political wrangling by the Cecil County Commissioners to name the five-member...
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CECIL COUNTY CHATTER: GOP Casting Call; Jobs, Coffee in Cecilton; Smigiel Strikeouts

April 14, 2011

Michael W. Dawson Answers GOP Casting Call Michael W. Dawson, who ran as the Constitution Party candidate for state Delegate in Dist. 34B last fall, is returning to the Republican Party fold and has answered the “casting call” of the local GOP Central Committee that is seeking to fill a vacant seat on the...
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Cecil County Farm Museum to Abandon County-Owned Site; Wetlands Problems Cited

April 12, 2011

Organizers of the long-stalled Cecil County Farm Museum, proposed a decade ago for a Cherry Hill-area site, have told county officials they will give up their lease on the county-owned land and look for another location. That action will leave the county holding an 84-acre property with access and wetlands problems that is now...
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Cecil County Commissioner Broomell Forced Out of Harford County Job

April 8, 2011

Cecil County Commissioner Diana Broomell (R-4) has been forced to “relinquish” her job as manager of the Havre de Grace “Main Street” program because an executive panel of the group believed it posed a conflict with her elected position. William Price 3rd, president of the Havre de Grace Main Street organization, sent an emailed...
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Cecil County Slots: County Pays to Play (A Cecil Times Special Report)

April 6, 2011

The old state lottery slogan, “you gotta play to win,” will take on a new meaning when Cecil County and the Town of Perryville begin divvying up their proceeds from the state’s first slots parlor, Hollywood Casino in Perryville. Private promises of financial help to lure the casino here are now coming home to...
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Cecil County Budget: Crime, Punishment and Canines Come to Commissioners

March 30, 2011

Crime makes citizens pay and public safety requires public dollars was the message to the Cecil County Commissioners from safety agencies Tuesday, during reviews of budget proposals for the upcoming Fiscal 2012 budget year. Sheriff Barry Janney said he needs to hire and equip two additional patrol deputies, replace 11 old patrol cars and...
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Cecil County Commissioners: Zoning, Decision-making Feud Erupts Anew

March 30, 2011

The Cecil County Commissioners escalated a feud over property rights and their decision-making process Tuesday, with angry exchanges at a morning worksession followed by three commissioners voting in the evening to reject Planning Commission-recommended zoning changes on four properties because they are owned by Commissioner Robert Hodge (R-5). Hodge recused himself from the actions....
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Cecil County Commissioners Pick Ed Cole for Last Seat on Charter Transition Panel

March 29, 2011

The Cecil County Commissioners Tuesday selected Ed Cole, a former county commissioner and current Orphans’ Court judge, to a seat on the new Charter government advisory panel. His selection came on a unanimous vote, after past contentious discussions on who should help guide the county’s transition to Charter government in the next two years....
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Cecil County Census: Criminals Add to Population; Possible Redistricting Impact

March 26, 2011

Cecil County’s criminal element costs taxpayers a lot of money, from the harm they inflict on the community by their crimes to the costs of bringing them to justice in court and incarcerating them. But now 179 of our least productive citizens have done us a small favor: a slight boost in the county’s...
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Cecil County Commissioners: Silent Stall on Hodge Zoning Request Divides Panel

March 24, 2011

Several Cecil County Commissioners refused to act Wednesday on two rezoning requests by fellow Commissioner Robert Hodge (R-5), who had recused himself from voting on his properties in accordance with an opinion he requested from the county Ethics Commission. Commissioner Diana Broomell (R-4) moved to reject the proposals, while Commissioner Tari Moore (R-2) moved...
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Rep. Andy Harris Tele-chats; Blasts Delay on W. MD Gas Drilling

March 23, 2011

Rep. Andy Harris (R-1st), chatting with constituents in a teleconference Wednesday, opposed state legislation that would delay a controversial gas drilling proposal for Western Maryland and suggested investment of some US government funds in foreign bonds, including those of China. He also opposed raising the wage base on which Social Security taxes are assessed...
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Cecil County Charter: Commissioners Diss Bowlsbey, Seek “New Face” on Charter Panel to be Run by Old Faces

March 22, 2011

The Cecil County Commissioners voted Tuesday to create a Charter Government Transition advisory panel including the three newest Commissioners, several county government senior staffers, and an unnamed “new face” from the Charter Board that drafted the county charter approved by voters last November. But Commissioner Board President James Mullin (R-1) and Commissioner Diana Broomell...
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Cecil County Politics: A Tale of 3 Mayors in Port Deposit

March 18, 2011

Cecil County’s smallest town, Port Deposit (population 653 in the latest census) is gearing up for a vigorous campaign for mayor, with one current and two former mayors contending for the post in the upcoming May town election. It is a study in contrasts between small town dedication to service and some of our...
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Cecil County Commissioners: Quick Airport “Decision” but Procrastination on Charter Panel

March 15, 2011

The Cecil County Commissioners again postponed a decision on creating a charter government advisory panel Tuesday but the Board President moved quickly to kill an airport authority proposal that had not been voted on by the full board. The perennially polite Commissioner Tari Moore (R-2) became angry at the attempt by Commissioner Board President...
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Cecil County Commissioners: Got a Minute? Let’s Re-Write History

March 15, 2011

The Cecil County Board of Commissioners voted Tuesday to revise history, deleting or rewriting from the minutes of previous meetings statements that were made in public but some commissioners did not want in the printed record of their work sessions. The Commissioners have been arguing for weeks over the minutes of public and closed...
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