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CENSUS: Cecil County Population Grew 17.6% in Past Decade

February 10, 2011

Cecil County’s population grew by 17.6 percent over the past decade but the increase was slightly less than planners had expected, according to new data from the 2010 Census released Wednesday by federal and state agencies. The minority population also grew, but Cecil County remains an overwhelming white county. The county population grew to...
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ANALYSIS: Cecil County Shouldn’t Count Slots $ Before It’s Hatched

February 9, 2011

Cecil County commissioners are salivating over the potential revenues that the new Hollywood casino in Perryville will generate and, commissioners hope, save them from having to make tough budget choices this year. But the state’s projections of upcoming revenues may be overly optimistic, while gas prices and possible local bridge toll increases may dampen...
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Dunn, Dogs and Libel: Listening to His Master’s Voice?

February 8, 2011

The Cecil County Board of Commissioners decided Tuesday to delay action on a proposed revision to the county’s animal control ordinance, which was drafted by a citizen “task force” working for over a year to revise county laws dealing with public health, safety and humane treatment of animals issues. The Commissioners held a public...
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O’Malley to Shore: ‘Flush You’ or the $4 per Flush Mandate

February 6, 2011

A Cecil Times Special Report Gov. Martin O’Malley’s otherwise predictable State of the State speech Thursday had a surprise for many rural residents: a proposed ban on septic systems for new “major” housing developments. But the real shocker wasn’t in that speech: buried in the state’s Bay cleanup plan issued in December is a...
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January 29, 2011

EDITOR’S NOTE: We are debuting a new feature on Cecil Times, called “Cecil Chatter,” that will be a roundup of tidbits from here and there and observations on things of interest, or amusement, for the Upper Eastern Shore. Got a tip on something quirky, juicy, just plain funny or exasperating? Drop us a line...
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Commissioners Seek Budget Guidance from Citizens– But Don’t Give Any to Schools

January 26, 2011

Cecil County commissioners will seek guidance from a citizen advisory panel on the upcoming Fiscal 2012 budget but they were unwilling to give any guidance to the county school system Tuesday on what to expect in funds from the county. Commissioners discussed the formation of the citizens’ panel at their worksession meeting, and Board...
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Charter Government: Cecil County Commissioners Confused But Looking for Advice

January 25, 2011

Cecil County voters overwhelmingly approved a switch to charter government in last November’s election, but the county’s leaders are still learning a lot, and questions abound, on what the shift will mean to the county’s governance. So the County Commissioners indicated Tuesday they will appoint a transition team to help them figure it all...
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Nancy Jacobs Elected Senate GOP Leader; Pipkin Named Whip

January 22, 2011

State Senator Nancy Jacobs (R-34) has been elected to the top Republican leadership post in the Senate, just a few months after she was voted out of the party leadership. The surprise turnabout came after a week of turmoil among Senate Republicans and signals a shift to the right in the chamber’s GOP caucus....
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DeWitt to Run for Sheriff as Republican; Sutton Undecided

January 20, 2011

Robert “Skip” DeWitt, who lost the Democratic primary for Cecil County Sheriff in 2010, will run again for Sheriff in 2014—but this time as a Republican. That move could create a possible re-match—but across party lines—with Democrat Chris Sutton, who defeated DeWitt in the 2010 Democratic primary for Sheriff. Sutton lost the general election...
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BULLETIN: Skip DeWitt to Run for Sheriff as Republican in 2014

January 18, 2011

Robert “Skip” DeWitt, who lost the Democratic primary for Cecil County Sheriff in 2010, will run again for Sheriff in 2014—but this time as a Republican. In an interview with Cecil Times, DeWitt said he had changed his political party affiliation from Democrat to Republican in the past week and on Monday evening attended...
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Baynes (R) Named to Circuit Court; 2012 Election Contest Expected

January 3, 2011

Keith Baynes, a longtime Elkton lawyer and local government attorney, has been appointed to the Cecil County Circuit Court by Gov. Martin O’Malley—setting up what will likely be a contested judicial election race in 2012. Baynes was named to the Circuit Court seat made vacant by the death of Judge Richard Eli Jackson. The...
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Maryland Keeps Eight Seats in U.S. House, Census Says

December 21, 2010

Maryland will retain its current eight seats in the U.S. House of Representatives under new 2010 census data released Tuesday, which also showed the state’s population grew by 9 percent since the last count in 2000. More detailed state and county demographic information will not be forthcoming until February and March, and those statistics...
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Mullin Voted President of New Commissioners Board, Broomell VP

December 14, 2010

The Cecil County Board of Commissioners elected James Mullin (R-1st) as its new president Tuesday (12/14/10) and picked newcomer Diana Broomell (R-4th) as vice president, showing the first muscle of a potential new majority bloc on the panel. Mullin is a hold-over commissioner who was elected in 2008. He replaces Democrat Brian Lockhart as...
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Shore Republican Women Advance in Leadership Roles

December 12, 2010

Two Eastern Shore Republican women moved up in state party leadership roles in recent days while one veteran Republican, State Sen. Nancy Jacobs (R-Harford/Cecil), lost her post as the second-ranking GOP leader in the state Senate. Queen Anne’s County Republican Diana Waterman was elected first vice-chair of the state Republican Party during a convention...
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Zeauskas Turns Losing Political Race into Winning Campaign $

December 6, 2010

“Out of the night, when the full moon is bright, comes the horseman known as Zorro…The fox so cunning and free, Zorro who makes the sign of the Z…” –Theme song to the TV series, “Zorro” For one losing Cecil County political candidate, the sign of the Z could be transformed into a large...
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Supporting Our First Responders

*Secured Mobile Command Unit Bus

*Helped obtain land for Perryville Fire Station 16

*Fought for traffic signal devices to aid emergency vehicles

*Hosted security/safety workshop on crude oil transports

And More to Come
(Auth: Citizens for David Rudolph, Linda S. Read, Treasurer)

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