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Falcioni, New Broomell Appointee to Cecil County Ethics Panel, to be Chair After Two Members Resign

May 21, 2012

A Cecil Times Special Report Valerie Falcioni, a new Cecil County Ethics Commission member appointed last December, is slated to take over the chairmanship of the panel this week, after two long-term members resigned recently. The three remaining members of the five-seat panel were all appointed last December. Falcioni is a longtime friend of...
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Cecil County Ad War, Part 2: Pats on Back for Broomell, and The Guardian

May 18, 2012

Cecil County taxpayers are getting a significant cost break on legal advertising of properties that are delinquent on their county property taxes, thanks to competition to the Cecil Whig. And County Commissioner Diana Broomell (R-4) gets a “pat on the back” for being technically and legally right on her contentious challenges on the issue....
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Gorman, Smigiel’s PAC-man, Picked by Smipkin GOP Committee for Charter Advisory Panel

May 15, 2012

No bad deed goes unrewarded, at least in Cecil County politics. A few weeks ago, Robert Gorman was slinging mud at Circuit Court Judge Keith Baynes in the primary election contest in which Gorman’s longtime political pal, Del. Michael Smigiel, was running for a judicial seat. Smigiel lost overwhelmingly but now the Smipkin political...
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Citizens Weigh in on Cecil County Budget; Urge School, Ambulance Funds

May 8, 2012

Cecil County’s proposed budget drew mostly polite comments and gratitude from representatives of programs that were frozen but not cut in the new Fiscal 2013 budget but some supporters of the public schools and county emergency services workers forcefully disagreed with Commissioners’ priorities. The Cecil County Commissioners drafted a $169 million proposed budget for...
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Perryville Voters Re-Elect Jim Eberhardt as Mayor, Reject MAD Dawson

May 8, 2012

In a much larger than usual voter turnout Tuesday, Perryville voters re-elected James Eberhardt as mayor, repudiating newcomer town Commissioner Michael A. Dawson and his outspoken attacks on town officials and employees. After the polls closed at 7 p.m., the elections board tallied the votes of 495 residents, with Eberhardt winning 320 votes to...
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Cecil County Drafts $169 Million Budget; Schools Get “Flat” Funds; Property Tax Rate at “Constant Yield”

May 1, 2012

The Cecil County Commissioners have drafted a $169 million proposed budget for Fiscal 2013 that would freeze public schools funds at the current level, give a 1 percent cost-of-living raise to county employees and set property taxes at the “constant yield” rate. But since overall revenues from income taxes and property taxes paid to...
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BULLETIN: Cecil County Drafts $169 Million Budget; Schools Get Flat Funding

May 1, 2012

The Cecil County Commissioners have drafted a $169 million proposed budget for Fiscal 2013 that would freeze public schools funds at the current level and taps reserve funds for $3 million to provide over half of a $5.9 million increase in county spending in the new budget year. The draft proposal was hammered out...
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Special Report: Cecil County Newspaper Ad Wars, Taxpayer $ at Stake

April 25, 2012

A Cecil Times Special Report When is a newspaper not a newspaper? That’s what the Cecil County Commissioners have been trying to decide for over a year, and at stake is $152,000 a year in county funds that have been given exclusively to the Cecil Whig for legal advertising. A Circuit Court judge, the...
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CECIL COUNTY CHATTER: “Mad Men,” MAD Mike, McGrady’s “McDunn” Web Voice

April 23, 2012

Commentary The popular TV show, “Mad Men,” about the machinations and over-the-top drama of the early 1960’s advertising game, has nothing on our own MAD Men of Cecil County politics—except perhaps for the broad-shouldered, grown-up suits and wide ties worn by the lead characters on TV. Trade in the suits for baggy, campaign-slogan tee...
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Homeless in Cecil County Estimated at 300; Schools See Rise in Homeless Kids

April 18, 2012

Non-profit groups that aid the homeless estimate there are about 300 homeless adults in Cecil County while the county’s public schools have seen a recent sharp rise in the number of homeless students, County Commissioners were told Tuesday. The commissioners held a worksession Tuesday afternoon on budget requests from the county school system and...
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Updated Cecil County Primary Vote Tally: Outcomes Unchanged

April 16, 2012

State election officials have now counted absentee, provisional and overseas ballots to come up with the full results of the April 3 Democratic and Republican primaries for Cecil County candidates. The post-election count of votes did not alter the outcome in any of the contests from the early voting and Election Day results. Overall,...
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Citizens’ Budget Panel Urges Cecil County Hiring Freeze, “Level” School Funds

April 11, 2012

A citizen’s budget advisory committee urged Cecil County Commissioners Tuesday to impose a hiring freeze for most county employee positions, keep the county schools budget at the current level, and reject a proposal for a limited county-operated ambulance service. The report also urged opening up community services all over the county to receipt of...
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Cecilton Fire Company Seeks Modernization, but Cecil County Budget Advisors Could Snag Plan

April 10, 2012

The Cecilton volunteer fire company is seeking Cecil County support for a modernized approach to fire-fighting—selling off a fairly new fire engine and a very old one and instead buying a new ladder truck to meet southern county needs—but a new report by a budget advisory panel could scuttle the proposal. Robert Plato, who...
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Cecil County Volunteer Fire Companies Propose Cecilton Ambulance Solution

April 9, 2012

Cecil County volunteer fire companies are challenging a proposal by the county’s emergency services director to create a new government-operated basic ambulance service. Instead, they propose a paid driver service, covering the Cecilton and Hack’s Point areas of southern Cecil County, that would be operated by the two fire companies in those areas. The...
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Cecil County Elections: After the Landslide; E Tu, Smipkins; Other Post-primary Pondering

April 5, 2012

Analysis Now that everyone has caught up on their sleep (maybe), pored over the election returns, and toasted with champagne (or cried in their beer), it’s time for a little post-primary election review and some look-aheads to the rest of the campaign season until November. After the Landslide The landslide victory of County Commissioner...
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