Cecil County Votes: Steady Turnout, Lines at Some Precincts as Voters Cast Ballots in Historic Election

November 6, 2012

Cecil County voters went to the polls Tuesday in strong and steady numbers to cast ballots for President and congressional candidates and, closer to home, the county’s first-ever County Executive and two County Council members. Anecdotal reports from throughout the county indicated a strong voter turnout, with lines at some polling places early in...
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Cecil County Council: Hodge Gets PAC, Family $; Crouse Taps Dem Old Guard in Dist. 5 Campaign

November 4, 2012

Incumbent Republican Cecil County Commissioner Robert Hodge drew $3,000 in Political Action Committee (PAC) donations but his family donated the largest lump sums to his campaign while Democratic challenger James Crouse, the former mayor of Elkton, tapped the Old Guard of his party in the race for the new County Council seat in District...
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Cecil County Council: McCarthy Campaign gets Patriots’ $; Bailey Absent in Dist. 1

November 2, 2012

Fundraising for candidates in the District 1 County Council race is much like the campaign itself: Dr. Alan McCarthy, a Republican, is actively engaged while his Democratic rival, Pamela Bailey, is largely absent. McCarthy, a Chesapeake City veterinarian and businessman making his first run for countywide office, has raised a total of $22,546. Cumulatively,...
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Cecil County Exec: Moore Reaps PAC, Developer Campaign $; Howard Backed by Mom, Small Donors

November 1, 2012

Republican Tari Moore has raked in campaign money from out of county interests tied to real estate development, including the Clark Turner organization that bet heavily on a different horse in the county executive race during the April primary election—Democrat Robert McKnight, the mayor of North East, who was soundly defeated in his party...
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After the Storm: Cecil County Recovers but Bay, Susquehanna Still a Worry

October 30, 2012

Cecil County began recovery from the mega-storm Sandy on Tuesday, after much of the region dodged the worst predictions of flooding and wind damage. But there were still concerns that post-Sandy flooding and environmental damage could affect the county from higher water levels on the Chesapeake Bay and Susquehanna River. Most of Cecil County...
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Cecil County Hunkers Down as Sandy Looms; Governor says “People Will Die” in Storm

October 29, 2012

(UPDATE 11:55 a.m. Monday)– Cecil County residents hunkered down Monday as the massive, hybrid storm known as Sandy began its assault on Maryland, and Gov. Martin O’Malley bluntly warned, “People will die in this storm.” Cecil County government shut down all but emergency services operations and the county landfills were closed to customers, according...
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Cecil County Politics: Exec, Council Face-Offs; Strange Times in Elkton

October 24, 2012

News Analysis It was one of the strangest political events of this election season Tuesday night when candidates for Cecil County Executive and County Council met in their final face-off before the upcoming election. Sweepingly broad questions, given to the candidates in advance, prompted mostly scripted responses but there were a few odd moments...
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Cecil County Cats: Vets Urge Cat Rules for Safety; Activists Seek County $, Claim Mass Murder if Cats Regulated

October 18, 2012

It was the veterinarians and victims of problem animals versus the cats activists Tuesday, as the Cecil County Commissioners held a public hearing on their latest proposal to re-write a new animal control ordinance. And both sides highlighted serious problems with the county’s “interim” animal control plan that has left people, seeking help for...
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Cecil County Tech School: Basell Brawl Erupts as Amigos Commish Say NO Again, but School Board Vows to Fight On

October 17, 2012

The months-long fight over a proposed new vocational-technical high school on the Basell building site in Elkton turned into the “Basell Brawl” Tuesday, as the Three Amigos county commissioner group held firm against even considering it while county school board members vowed to fight on. Tuesday morning, the Three Amigos majority of the Cecil...
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Pre-Election Agenda for Cecil County Commish: Push Animal Buddies, Stall Votech

October 14, 2012

News Analysis In the waning weeks of Cecil County’s commissioner form of government, which will convert to a Charter system shortly after the November election, the Three Amigos majority of the current board is pushing its agenda before one of its members is out of office. And the agendas for Tuesday’s commissioner meetings tell...
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Cecil County Schools Up Ante on Votech School but 2 Amigos Balk

October 9, 2012

School officials sought a go-ahead Tuesday from Cecil County Commissioners to proceed with an engineering study to determine the suitability of the Basell property for conversion to a new vocational-technical school. But two of the Three Amigos faction of the commissioners’ majority bloc balked and the third was AWOL. Cecil County Public Schools (CCPS)...
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Cecil County Chatter: Hold the Phone; Bailey Dials 911, Broomell’s 411, Whig Gets Ringtones

October 8, 2012

Commentary Bailey Dials 911, McCarthy Urges “Repeal” of Controversial Animal Law We’re not sure on what frequency Pamela Bailey, the Democratic candidate for County Council for District 1, operates, but it clearly wasn’t the same as others in the room for a candidates’ discussion before a small audience at an Earleville church breakfast on...
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Horse-sense, Nonsense and Bid Cents: Cecil County Commish Roll in Litter Pan Again Over Cats, Animal Control, Horses

October 3, 2012

The Cecil County Commissioners could have used a veterinarian to administer tranquilizers Tuesday as they bared their claws, yet again, over revisions to the county’s new animal ordinance, how many ‘experts’ should dance on the head of a panel reviewing the lone remaining bidder for animal control services, and conflicting concerns over horses. And...
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Cecil County Tech School: Schools Chief, Treasurer Feehley, Clash on Basell Property

October 1, 2012

News/News Analysis The proposed establishment of a new vocational/technical education school on the reduced-price Basell property has been embraced by much of the county’s educational and business leadership, but scorned by the Three Amigos majority of the County Commissioners. Now the county’s Treasurer, Bill Feehley, has weighed in against the plan, at the request...
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Cecil County SPCA Withdraws Bid for Animal Control; Cites “Tainted” Process

September 27, 2012

The Cecil County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Inc. (CCSPCA) has withdrawn its bid to resume animal control services to the Cecil County government, citing what the group’s lawyer called a “tainted” county bidding process. The CCSPCA’s withdrawal leaves one bidder, A Buddy for Life, Inc., a Delaware-based volunteer dog rescue...
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