SPCA Dumps Contract after Cecil County Commish Pass Costly Animal Law Overhaul, on 3-2 Vote

July 18, 2012

The Cecil County Commissioners, by the usual 3-2 vote, Tuesday adopted an overhaul of the county’s animal ordinance that was three years in the making. And within hours, the Cecil County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Inc., which has handled animal control for the county for decades, notified the county it...
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Cecil County Schools Renew Push for new Votech School at Basell Complex

July 11, 2012

Cecil County Public Schools officials took a first step Wednesday to re-launch their efforts to win county approval of a new vocational-technical high school on their dream site—the vacant Basell science labs and buildings in Elkton— with an appeal to business leaders and a new, cost-sharing proposal that will be presented to the County...
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Cecil County Commish Consider $250K for Long-Stalled Mill Lane Cleanup in Earleville; No Bridge

July 10, 2012

Decades after storms destroyed the aging Mill Lane bridge in Earleville, the Cecil County Commissioners are considering a $250,000 stream “remediation” project that would remove debris of the collapsed bridge and improve water quality as part of a compromise with state environmental officials over unrelated pollution near the central landfill. But some longtime Earleville...
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Casino Grant Requests: Church, Con-Man’s Charity Seek $ from Cecil County Impact Aid

July 6, 2012

Cecil County Commissioners are scheduled on Tuesday to review aid requests from non-profit groups for pieces of a $500,000 pie of local impact aid from the Hollywood Casino in Perryville, including a church seeking a new roof and a youth-oriented group– founded by a convicted federal felon and con-man– that has amassed hundreds of...
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Cecil County Storm Stories: Road, Emergency Crews Weather the Crisis; Sleepless in Cecilton

July 3, 2012

Cecil County’s heroes of the storm told the County Commissioners Tuesday of their long hours to clear roads, assist power companies and help individual citizens trapped by Friday night’s sudden, severe thunderstorm and winds that left downed trees, power outages and damage through a wide swathe of southern Cecil County. And County Health Officer...
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Cecil County Commish Do Charter Cha-Cha On Funds for Transition to New Form of Government

June 26, 2012

The Cecil County commissioners had a dance party Tuesday, performing their version of the Charter Cha Cha as they tried out different steps before deciding to abandon the dance altogether. After tossing around various numbers, the usual 3-2 majority decided that no money should be set aside as a contingency for unforeseen expenses in...
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North East High Scores Budget Touchdown Against Cecil County Commish

June 21, 2012

A concerted campaign by parents, teachers and students at North East High School scored a touchdown Tuesday when the Cecil County Commissioners threw in the flag on a contested play and agreed to pay for new metal bleachers to replaced rickety, splintery wooden seats at the school’s athletic field. After hearing from a long...
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Cecil County Commish Buy McCoy Farm Rights; Hodge, ‘Patriots’ Oppose $1.45 million Deal

June 20, 2012

The Cecil County Commissioners voted Tuesday to give a Rising Sun farm owner $1.45 million in return for agreeing not to allow development of the 483-acre tract, after several hours of often heated public comment led by members of the local tea party group that opposed “government control” of private property. Others objected to...
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BULLETIN: Cecil County Commish Vote to Spent $1.45M on McCoy Farm Preservation; Hodge, “Patriots” Oppose Deal

June 19, 2012

The Cecil County Commissioners voted to use county funds to purchase development rights on a large Rising Sun farm Tuesday, after several hours of often heated public comment led by members of the local tea party group that opposed giving taxpayer money to a landowner when there is no imminent threat of development of...
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Citizens Bark but Cecil County Commish Still Don’t Heel on Proposed Animal Law

June 13, 2012

Cesar Milan, the “dog whisperer,” where are you when the Cecil County Commissioners need you? After a nearly two hour public hearing last week and hundreds of emails and phone calls from pet parents voicing concerns about a proposed new animal ordinance, the Commissioners clashed Tuesday as they attempted to re-write the proposal, yet...
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Cecil County Schools Save $1.6 Million on Construction; Ask to Put Savings to Projects Cut by Commish

June 12, 2012

Cecil County public schools cracked the cost-cutting whip and saved $1.6 million on several school construction and renovation projects already approved and financed by county bonds. So now the schools want to apply a portion of those cost savings to two projects put on hold by the County Commissioners in the recently approved county...
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Cecil County Animal Law: Good Intentions Run a Costly Amok; Zoning Issues Ignored

June 7, 2012

ANALYSIS After nearly two hours of testimony from 55 people at a public hearing Tuesday evening, the Cecil County Commissioners are set to finally make decisions on a three-year process to revise animal ordinances in the county—but they ruled out consideration of some of the most significant issues posed in the often difficult relationship...
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Non-profit Seeks to Convert Buckworth Center to Seniors Housing in Elkton

June 6, 2012

The vintage and vacant Buckworth Center in Elkton– that once housed the Cecil County jail and more recently hosted seniors’ programs– is being proposed for renovation as a 50-apartment housing for the elderly project. The non-profit developers would pay the county government $400,000 for the property, which has been for sale for years with...
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Cecil County Commish Reject, in Secret Vote, Plan to Jumpstart New Tech School

May 31, 2012

A Cecil Times Special Report The Cecil County Commissioners decided in a recent closed door meeting to turn down—on the usual 3-2 vote– a proposed new school of technology on the Elkton site of the vacant Basell property that already has science labs and could be bought and renovated for about one-third the cost...
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Cecil County Commish Asked for $100K for Sidewalks to Serve Ingerman Subsidized Housing, Boys Club, in North East

May 29, 2012

Cecil County Commissioners were asked Tuesday to support spending $100,000 to add sidewalks to a multi-million dollar construction project to upgrade Razor Strap Rd. in North East, in large part because a proposed subsidized housing development would let a Boys and Girls Club use its recreation center. It was the latest example of a...
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*THANK YOU, Cecil County, for your support in the recent primary election. I hope to have your support in the November general election.

*With your support, we will move Cecil County forward, with job creation, education, and preserving our quality of life

* Cecil County has lost too many jobs, without creating new employment opportunities. I will work hard to bring the jobs home, create new local work opportunities and job training for our youth.

*My administration will save local jobs— with casino 'impact aid' money directed to create a local fund to keep jobs here.

(Auth: Friends of Alan McCarthy, Roger Owens, Treas.)