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Cecil County Budget Review Highlights Jobs (and Jabs); Fair Hill Trots Out Best to Impress

April 20, 2017

Cecil County Executive Alan McCarthy’s first budget, which boosts spending for economic development and job-creation efforts, drew scrutiny from the County Council this week as McCarthy and state officials saddled up to try to bring elite four-legged tourists and the humans who love them to the county for a potential multi-million dollar jackpot. Chris...
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Cecil County Tourism Chief Seeks Separate Agency, and Pay Raise

November 15, 2011

Sandy Maruchi Turner, Cecil County’s tourism co-ordinator, asked the County Commissioners Tuesday to break off tourism promotion programs from the county’s Economic Development department and create a separate agency, with a pay raise for the new “department head.” Turner told Cecil Times after the commissioners’ worksession that she was more familiar with the figure...
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* I am grateful for your support and I heard your voices on issues that concern you. I will work hard to create jobs, expand economic development, back our law enforcement officers in the fight against crime and drugs, and support strong schools..

*We will work together to make Cecil County "The Best It Can Be."

(Auth: Friends of Alan McCarthy, Roger Owens, Treas.)