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Court Decision Cuts Cecil County Future Tax Revenues $1.3 Million a Year; County Council Slogs Through Budget for Spending Cuts

May 20, 2015

A new US Supreme Court decision will cost Cecil County an estimated $1.3 million a year in future lost income tax revenues, and refunds for past taxes struck down by the court could cost the county up to $1.4 million more than previously expected. The fiscal bad news came as the Cecil County Council...
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Cecil County Council’s Honeymoon with Exec is Over; Big Budget Cuts Loom in Bid to void Moore’s Tax Boosts; Citizens Speak on Budget

May 13, 2015

NEWS ANALYSIS The budget honeymoon between the Cecil County Council and County Executive Tari Moore—which lasted for two years of minimal cuts in her budget proposals—is over. The Council is weighing a broad array of spending cuts, from big-ticket items to budgetary pocket change, to avoid or reduce Moore’s two-cent property tax rate rise...
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New Cecil County Sheriff, County Council Members, Sworn Into Office: New Era of Charter Govt.

December 1, 2014

What a difference two years—and an election—make. When Cecil County’s switch from a Board of Commissioners form of government to a new Charter system– with an independently elected County Executive and a five-member County Council– was launched in 2012, the transition was marked by rancor and a boycott of the inauguration by the county’s...
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Cecil County Council: Bowlsbey, Schneckenburger, Patchell Win Council Seats in GOP Sweep

November 4, 2014

Cecil County voters elected three Republicans to the County Council in Tuesday’s election, retaining an all-GOP Council and turning back challenges by two well-known Democrats. The only incumbent—Joyce Bowlsbey in District 2—defeated her Democratic challenger, John Ulrich, by a wide margin. She tallied 69.28 percent of the vote, while Ulrich received 30.45 percent, according...
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Cecil County Goes to the Polls: Strong Turnout Reported, Cecil Voters Decide Local, State Officials and Charter Questions

November 4, 2014

Cecil County voters went to the polls Tuesday in large numbers to select three members of the County Council, state Delegates and Senators, and local officials including Sheriff, as well as casting ballots on statewide offices. Reports of voter turnout showed strong and steady participation throughout the day. By 3 p.m., a total of...
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