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Drug Addict Facility Triples Size of Earleville Site; Cecil County Planning Panel Hears Zoning Change; Ambo Issues Ignored

November 17, 2014

A Pennsylvania-based real estate developer who is seeking to create a “national” drug addict treatment hospital has boosted initial proposals that the facility would house 50 patients to a vastly expanded plan to build additional facilities on the rural Earleville site to house 150 in-patient drug addicted residents, according to documents filed with the...
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Cecil County Primary Care Clinic Caught in Crossfire of New Law Aimed at Limiting Drug Treatment

January 17, 2012

Just as many community health leaders and two County Commissioners warned, a new law aimed at limiting locations of drug treatment clinics in Cecil County has tangled in its net a much-needed expansion of the primary care medical services offered by the West Cecil Health Center in Conowingo. But Commissioner Diana Broomell (R-4), who...
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COMMENTARY: Mama Mia Maria (or Kilby's Apologist)

September 24, 2008

        It was worth missing family time and TV comedies to witness Maria Mastrippolito, a member of the Cecil County Board of Appeals, as she fumbled, stumbled and mumbled her advocacy for her neighbor, mentor and gal-pal, former Cecil County Commissioner Phyllis Kilby, at  Tuesday night’s (9/23/08) meeting of Cecil County Board of...
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