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Cecil County Democrats Endorse Judges Baynes, Murray for Election

February 6, 2012

The Cecil County Democrat Club has endorsed two sitting Circuit Court Judges—Keith Baynes, a Republican, and Jane Cairns Murray, a Democrat—in this year’s elections to retain their seats. The bipartisan endorsement parallels a previous move by the Republican Club of Cecil County. Wyatt Wallace, president of the Democrats’ group, said the membership voted unanimously...
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Cecil County Ambulances: County Asked to Takeover Some Services; Volunteer Fire Companies Object

January 31, 2012

Cecil County’s Emergency Services director asked the County Commissioners Tuesday to shift some basic ambulance services away from volunteer fire companies to county employees, at a gross cost of over $5 million over a four year period. But the volunteers say they can provide the same services at a much lower cost to taxpayers....
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Cecil County Politics: Dems Account for Party Committee Finances but GOP Committee Posts Anonymous Cash

January 28, 2012

They ran for the Cecil County Republican Central Committee in 2010 as the “Fiscal Conservative” slate but the latest campaign finance report to the state Board of Elections shows a mysterious myriad of anonymous cash flowing into the GOP account. In contrast, the Cecil County Democratic Central Committee accounts for every penny it has...
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Cecil County Judges: Baynes, Murray are Active Fundraisers for Election to Circuit Court

January 27, 2012

Cecil County’s newest Circuit Court judges, who must run for election to their seats this year, have been busy on the fundraising front and are already running active campaigns for the April primary election. Keith Baynes, a Republican, and Jane Cairns Murray, a Democrat, were appointed to their seats on the Circuit Court by...
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Smipkins Pick Cecil County Charter Government Foe, Zeauskas, for Charter Advisory Panel

January 24, 2012

The Cecil County Republican Central Committee has named its chairman, Chris Zeauskas, to a seat on the Charter Government Advisory panel, county officials were told Tuesday. Zeauskas criticized the Charter form of government in the 2010 election season, when voters overwhelmingly approved Charter. Two seats on the advisory panel were vacated recently when Commissioners...
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Cecil County Commish Mired, Again, in Broomell Demands for Ethics Code Do-Over

January 18, 2012

Cecil County Commissioner Diana Broomell (R-4) tried again Tuesday to pressure the county board to yield to her constant demands to re-write the new county ethics code adopted a few months ago. But this time, her insistence on an immediate “up or down vote”—without a written document showing just what she wanted a vote...
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Cecil County Primary Care Clinic Caught in Crossfire of New Law Aimed at Limiting Drug Treatment

January 17, 2012

Just as many community health leaders and two County Commissioners warned, a new law aimed at limiting locations of drug treatment clinics in Cecil County has tangled in its net a much-needed expansion of the primary care medical services offered by the West Cecil Health Center in Conowingo. But Commissioner Diana Broomell (R-4), who...
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Cecil County Politics: Two Late Contenders Enter Dist. 5 Race Against Hodge

January 11, 2012

For most of the day Wednesday, County Commissioner Robert Hodge (R-5) looked like the luckiest politician in Cecil County: unopposed in the primary or general election in his re-election bid. Democrats had scrambled for months to come up with a candidate to challenge Hodge in the general election. They sought to convince Sharon Weygand,...
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Cecil County Exec: Pam Howard Files as Democrat; Michael A. Dawson Files as Smipkin Stand-in for GOP

January 11, 2012

The deadline for candidates filing for Cecil County Executive Wednesday night brought a well-known political veteran back to the stage and a stand-in for the Smipkin political organization. But the crowded and convoluted field was just as remarkable for who didn’t file to run. Political and government veteran Pam Howard– the longtime county Treasurer...
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Cecil County Politics: McCarthy, Billmire File for 1st Dist. to Challenge Incumbent Mullin

January 11, 2012

The southern Cecil County First District will become a battleground in this year’s County Council races as two candidates filed Tuesday to challenge incumbent James Mullin, a Republican. Dr. Alan McCarthy, a veterinarian and real estate operator, filed to challenge Mullin in the Republican primary. He was a founding member of the new Cecil...
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Commish Diana Broomell Files for Cecil County Executive, GOP Primary Gets Crowded

January 10, 2012

Cecil County Commissioner Diana Broomell (R-4) filed Tuesday as a candidate for County Executive, entering a crowded primary field that sets up a head to head duel with County Commissioner Tari Moore (R-5)—with some potential other candidate surprises. Broomell’s candidacy was widely expected, but the multiple-candidate field — which could grow even larger before...
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Smipkins Install Crony as Cecil County Towns Rep on Regional Panel; Mayors Cry Foul

January 9, 2012

A Cecil Times Special Report The mayors of Cecil County’s eight municipalities have signed a letter protesting the sudden installation of Michael A. Dawson, a new Perryville town commissioner, as the representative of the county’s towns on the Upper Shore Regional Council. The action was taken, in apparent violation of state law, late last...
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BULLETIN: Harry Hepbron, ex-Commissioner, Winery Owner, Files for Cecil County Executive

January 6, 2012

Harry Hepbron, a former two-term Cecil County Commissioner and the founder of the award-winning Dove Valley Vineyards and Winery in Rising Sun, filed his candidacy for Cecil County Executive Friday as a Republican. Hepbron, a plain-spoken businessman and farmer, enters an increasingly crowded field in the first-ever Cecil County Executive contest. Other Republicans contending...
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Cecil County “Amigos” Rush Vote on Clinic Ordinance; No Notice to Other Commish, Public

January 4, 2012

The “Three Amigos” faction of the Cecil County Commissioners rushed a vote Tuesday night to approve a controversial zoning ordinance provision aimed at limiting drug treatment clinics, without advance notice to two other commissioners or the general public. The handling of the matter raises questions anew about possible violations of the state’s open meetings...
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BULLETIN: Pritchard Files for Cecil County Exec.; Manlove Files for School Board

January 3, 2012

With about a week left for candidates to file for the 2012 election ballot, two new candidates filed paperwork Tuesday: Peter Pritchard, a Republican, for county executive and William Manlove, a Democrat, for election to the appointed seat he now holds on the county school board. The deadline for candidates to file for this...
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