Cecil County Chatter: Hold the Phone; Bailey Dials 911, Broomell’s 411, Whig Gets Ringtones

October 8, 2012

Commentary Bailey Dials 911, McCarthy Urges “Repeal” of Controversial Animal Law We’re not sure on what frequency Pamela Bailey, the Democratic candidate for County Council for District 1, operates, but it clearly wasn’t the same as others in the room for a candidates’ discussion before a small audience at an Earleville church breakfast on...
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Horse-sense, Nonsense and Bid Cents: Cecil County Commish Roll in Litter Pan Again Over Cats, Animal Control, Horses

October 3, 2012

The Cecil County Commissioners could have used a veterinarian to administer tranquilizers Tuesday as they bared their claws, yet again, over revisions to the county’s new animal ordinance, how many ‘experts’ should dance on the head of a panel reviewing the lone remaining bidder for animal control services, and conflicting concerns over horses. And...
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Cecil County Tech School: Schools Chief, Treasurer Feehley, Clash on Basell Property

October 1, 2012

News/News Analysis The proposed establishment of a new vocational/technical education school on the reduced-price Basell property has been embraced by much of the county’s educational and business leadership, but scorned by the Three Amigos majority of the County Commissioners. Now the county’s Treasurer, Bill Feehley, has weighed in against the plan, at the request...
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Cecil County SPCA Withdraws Bid for Animal Control; Cites “Tainted” Process

September 27, 2012

The Cecil County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Inc. (CCSPCA) has withdrawn its bid to resume animal control services to the Cecil County government, citing what the group’s lawyer called a “tainted” county bidding process. The CCSPCA’s withdrawal leaves one bidder, A Buddy for Life, Inc., a Delaware-based volunteer dog rescue...
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Cecil County Commish Catfight: Questions Raised About Removing Cats from Law while Animal Control Bids Pending

September 26, 2012

It was yet another catfight among the Cecil County Commissioners Tuesday afternoon as they discussed a proposal with mysterious origins seeking to remove “cats” from much of the new animal ordinance the commissioners adopted just a few months ago. But this time two commissioners raised questions about the “timing” and politics of the effort,...
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Broomell Does Limbo Rock for $100K Cecil County Auditor but Lands Flat on 4-1 Vote

September 25, 2012

It was just a few months ago when the Cecil County Commissioners danced the Charter Cha Cha, swaying back and forth before deciding to allow no money for the transition to Charter government later this year. But on Tuesday, Commissioner Diana Broomell (R-4) did a solo version of the Limbo Rock, bending over backwards...
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Cecil County, Town Cops Enlisted in Animal Control; Two Amigos Flunk Reading Test

September 19, 2012

News/News Commentary Cecil County Sheriff’s deputies and Elkton town police have been enlisted into the county’s “interim” animal control plan, responding to calls to the county’s 911 center and referrals from the County Commissioners’ office, according to logs presented to the commissioners on Tuesday. In addition, County Commissioners James Mullin (R-1) and Diana Broomell...
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Cecil County Gets 2 Animal Control Bids: Cecil SPCA and DE “Rescue” Tied to Carletti, Author of New Animal Ordinance

September 17, 2012

Cecil County government received two bids on its “request for proposals” to provide animal control services: from the Cecil County SPCA (which terminated its current contract a few weeks ago due to adoption of a new animal ordinance) and a small Delaware “rescue” group with no shelter facilities that is aligned with Mindy Carlettti,...
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Cecil County Commish Talk Tough on “Tiers” Land Rules; Defiance Could Let State Shut Down Growth

September 12, 2012

News Analysis Cecil County Commissioners adopted a get-tough stance Tuesday against a state-mandated “tiers” land preservation map–which local farmers fear would strip them of property rights—and said they would defer any action until a summit meeting with other rural counties and consideration of legal action against the state. On the surface it might look...
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Bridges of Cecil County Redux: Broomell Wants Skinny Bridge

September 12, 2012

What would you get if you put a bridge on Weight Watchers? A skinny bridge on Old Elk Neck, designed by Commissioner Diana Broomell (R-4) to limit area development potential, even though such a new bridge would be “functionally obsolete,” according to county engineers. It was yet another do-over day Tuesday afternoon for the...
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Cecil County Executive: Howard, Moore Contrasts in Style, Issues

September 11, 2012

Regardless of the outcome of November’s election, Cecil County will be making history when citizens elect the county’s first County Executive, who will join the ranks of the few jurisdictions in the state, including Anne Arundel County and Baltimore city, that have been led by women. Pam Howard, the Democratic candidate, or Tari Moore,...
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Cecil County Council Dist. 5: Hodge, Crouse Offer Polite, Subtle Differences

September 10, 2012

The two contenders in November’s election for the District 5 Cecil County Council seat agreed on many issues in a candidates’ forum, especially ending the political bloodbaths that have marked the county commissioners’ governing of the county for more than a year. But they offered some subtle, yet significant, differences on how they would...
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Cecil County Council Dist. 1: The Doc and The Disoriented

September 7, 2012

It was the first public political sighting of Pamela Bailey, who has been incognito since she won the early April primary to become the Democratic candidate for the District 1 Cecil County Council seat, when she showed up in Elkton Tuesday night at a candidates’ forum. Some Democrats may have wished she stayed home....
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Tiers, Tears and Taunts: Cecil County Commish Blasted on “Tier” Maps; Broomell Bashes Critics

September 5, 2012

There were tears from farm families fearful of losing their land legacy, taunts from property rights advocates and angry outbursts by Cecil County Commissioner Diana Broomell against her critics and a fellow commissioner, as an overflow crowd jammed a public hearing in Elkton Tuesday night on a proposed ‘tier” land preservation map endorsed by...
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BULLETIN: Cecil County Commissioners Blasted on “Tier” Land Limits; Broomell Attacks Hodge, ‘Patriots’

September 4, 2012

An overflow crowd of several hundred people jammed the main meeting room and hallways at the county office building in Elkton Tuesday night, as farmers and property rights advocates condemned a proposed ‘tier” land preservation map supported by a three-vote majority of the Cecil County Commissioners. The comments were spirited and overwhelmingly against the...
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