BULLETIN: Moore Widens Lead in County Exec Race

November 6, 2012

(10.05 pm)BULLETIN

In the historic Cecil County election for the first County Executive, Republican Tari Moore was leading her Democratic rival, Pam Howard, with 14 of 19 precincts reporting.

Republicans Robert Hodge and Alan McCarthy were still leading in two County Council races, as they were when the first early voting tallies were counted earlier in the evening.

Moore, currently serving as a County Commissioner from District 2, was ahead with 13,223 votes or 51.28 percent. Howard, the former three-term county Treasurer, was listed with 21,519 votes or 48.55 percent.

In District 1, Republican Alan McCarthy held a solid lead, with 14,908 votes or 59.2 percent of the counted votes, over his Democratic rival Pamela Bailey, who received 10,231 votes or 40.63 percent of the tally so far.

In District 5, Robert Hodge, currently a Republican county Commissioner, was ahead with 13,541 votes or 53.32 percent of the early voting count. His Democratic rival, James Crouse, the former mayor of Elkton, drew 11,822 votes or 46.55 percent.

The returns counted thus far come from about half of the county’s precincts and the races could still shift as the count proceeds.

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