BULLETIN: Moore WINS Cecil County Executive Race; McCarthy, Hodge Elected to County Council

November 6, 2012


( 11:10 pm) Republican Tari Moore made history Tuesday night by being elected as Cecil County’s first County Executive, defeating her Democratic rival, Pam Howard, with 52.7 percent of the vote.

Moore held the lead throughout the vote count, although early in the evening her lead dropped to a neck and neck contest. But as more precincts reported their votes to the Board of Elections, Moore’s lead continued to widen. The vote count for Moore was 20,302 while Howard received 18,143 votes– a difference of 2,159 votes.

The last precinct of the county’s 19 polling districts to report its vote was the Singerly Fire Hall in Elkton, one of the county’s largest precincts, and Singerly put Moore over the top. (Early voting tallies are counted as precinct 20.)

Republicans Robert Hodge (District 5) and Alan McCarthy (District 1) also won solid victories. Both led their contests from the outset of the ballot count when the first early voting tallies were reported earlier in the evening.

Moore, currently serving as a County Commissioner from District 2, racked up 52.72 percent of the vote, with 20,302 ballots in her favor. Howard, the former three-term county Treasurer, trailed with 47.12 percent and 18,143 votes.

In District 1, Republican Alan McCarthy coasted to victory, with 22,902 votes or 60.97 percent of the votes against his Democratic rival Pamela Bailey, who was far behind with 38.88 percent and 14,605 votes.

In District 5, Robert Hodge, currently a Republican county Commissioner, pulled sharply ahead throughout the night’s vote count, ending up with 20,945 votes or 55.31 percent of the counted votes. His Democratic rival, James Crouse, the former mayor of Elkton, saw his margin decline as more votes were counted, down to 44.57 percent and 16,880 votes.

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