Cecil County, Perryville Net $4 Million So Far from Casino

June 6, 2011

The Hollywood Casino in Perryville continues to generate significant revenues for Cecil County and the Town of Perryville, including over $528,000 in local “impact aid” in May, 2011.

In May, the Hollywood Casino in Perryville generated $9.6 million in overall revenues. Of that amount, the “local impact aid” share of revenues amounts to $528,354, of which Cecil County receives 65 percent and the town of Perryville receives 35 percent.

So far in this fiscal year, since the casino opened last fall, the Perryville Casino has generated over $4 million in local impact aid to Cecil County and Perryville.

Overall, the Perryville casino has generated a total of $73.82 million in revenues for various state accounts and programs, as well as profits to Penn National Gaming, the casino operator, since the casino opened last fall.

[See State Lottery Commission report here: http://slots.mdlottery.com/maryland-casinos-generate-more-than-13-million-in-revenue-during-may/

The Cecil County Commissioners and the Town of Perryville have been fighting for months over distribution of the slots revenues and the Commissioners were scheduled to meet with town officials Monday afternoon to discuss unresolved issues. The town has complained that it has incurred costs, as yet unreimbursed, due to the presence of the casino but the county and town have not yet reached agreement on a formal contract governing distribution of the funds.

In addition, the county has issued guidelines and applications for non-profit and community groups in the western part of the county, near the casino, to apply for individual grants from a $500,000 pool of local impact aid for the upcoming Fiscal 2012 budget year. The county commissioners are scheduled to discuss those grant applications at their Tuesday worksession meeting.

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