We’ve Moved: Welcome to the New Cecil Times Website

October 6, 2010

Dear Cecil Times Readers,

Today The Cecil Times is moving from a blog on the WordPress platform to this dedicated website: www.ceciltimes.com

Some of you had found our site while it was under construction but the site is now up and running and henceforth all new content will be posted only at the website. For the next few days, we will still be checking back on the blog and shifting over any comments our readers post. But in the future, all comments should be posted on articles on the website. The format is pretty much the same for posting comments here as it was on the blog, with a new sidebar box on the homepage highlighting recent reader comments.

We are transitioning our previous email subscribers to the new platform but if your subscription gets lost in the shuffle, you can sign up on this website directly. (See the icons on the lower left side of the homepage.) There are new options for subscribing, too. However, going forward the full text of news articles will not be included on emails. You will receive a summary with a link to read the complete article on the website.

Moving an archive as large as ours from the blog to a website took more effort and patience than we had expected, and we are grateful to our web guru, Ken Chamberlain. Any glitches that we uncover as we still kick the tires on our new vehicle will likely be a matter of operator-error, not the designer.

So welcome to our new home. We hope you will enjoy your visit, and come back often.

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