Cecil Whig Cribs Cecil Times: A Day Late and Details Short

September 25, 2008

  The Cecil Whig posted on its website Wednesday afternoon a four-paragraph item on the Phyllis Kilby Board of Appeals story we’ve been covering since last week. We were very amused to see the Whig posted a headine, “BREAKING NEWS: Board Rules in Kilby’s favor,” at 1.28 p.m. on Wednesday 9/24/08. 

 The Cecil Times actually covered the meeting on Tuesday evening and posted a detailed report online on this blog around midnight. So some 13 plus hours later, the Whig weighs in with “breaking news” about a meeting they didn’t bother to cover in the first place.

  We’re sure someone at the Whig actually called the Board of Appeals and got the vote after they read our report online. So they did a little bit of reporting after-the-fact. We doubt they would have written anything if they hadn’t been beaten on the story in the first place. 

   It seems the Whig may be waking up to its increased competition from local bloggers and other news sources on the Internet. They also posted online a list of stories they were working on for their Thursday print editions. Anything we can do to prod the Whiggies to do a better job is fine with us.

  Here is link to Whig’s mini-story on the Board of Appeals action:



3 Responses to Cecil Whig Cribs Cecil Times: A Day Late and Details Short

  1. Jeanne Deeming on September 25, 2008 at 9:21 am

    Love it ……someone who is acutally reporting facts and not nonsense. Interesting how the Kilby’s always find little puppets to manipulate the rules as a means to their end. People wake up to the fact that the Kilby’s are in it for “only” themselves and their bank accounts. Maybe (we could be so lucky) the Whig may actually have to do some honest and real reporting for a change or continue to downsize as they have just recently.

  2. CanalSide Editor on September 25, 2008 at 11:48 am

    I can relate. CanalSide has scooped the Whig and the NJ in the past. That’s the beauty of digital citizen journalism. It is irritating to be copied though, don’t you think? Some think it is flattery..I just think it is copying.

  3. ceciltimes on September 25, 2008 at 12:08 pm

    Well, anything that gets the Whig to do a better job is, overall, a good thing for Cecil County and community journalism in general. CanalSide scoops the Whig every time the town board meets, since the Whig only rarely covers town board meetings (unless there is a big fight going on.)

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